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Dr. Templeton’s Response to Gender Pay Gap Statement

Dr. Kim Templeton, former President of AMWA (2016-2017), was quoted in the Washington Post in her reply to the Texas doctor who said that gender pay gap is fair because “women don’t work as hard”.

“Their extra burdens at home are used against them – to justify their lower pay and elevate men’s higher pay, according to Kim Templeton, a professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City.

“Some people have said women doctors don’t see as many patients as male doctors because they have other responsibilities at home with kids. That’s why they make less,” Templeton told CNN Money. “Decades later, the assumption is that (male doctors) should make more because they are taking care of the family.””

Original Article: ‘Texas doctor who said gender pay gap is fair because ‘women don’t work as hard’ apologizes’ Sep 5, 2018

Read original article here.

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