Dr. Stephanie Bonne, AMWA GVTF co-chair, writes Op-(M)ed

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  • April 05, 2018

Stephanie Bonne, MD, AMWA member and co-chair of AMWA’s gun violence prevention task force (GVTF) recently wrote an Op-(M)ed piece for Doximity discussing gun violence as a public health issue.

“We at the AMWA GVTF are deeply encouraged by the enthusiasm of our secondary school, pre-medical, and medical students in tackling this complex but critical public health issue. We urge all physicians who would like to become involved in addressing gun violence to join our task force.” -Dr. Bonne

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If you are interested in joining the GVTF, please email amwagunviolencetaskforce@gmail.com

Take a look at the entire article here. 

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