Elizabeth Blackwell Award

The Elizabeth Blackwell Medal, created as a lasting tribute to the first woman awarded an M.D. degree from an American medical school, is granted to a woman physician who has made the most outstanding contributions to the cause of women in the field of medicine.

This award, initiated in 1949 by Elise S. L’Esperance, M.D., is granted annually to a woman physician (member or non-member) who has made the most outstanding contribution (Prior to 1993, the award was a member award.)  to the cause of women in the field of medicine.


  • Woman physician either working or having worked in the U.S.
  • Influenced the ever-expanding role of women in medicine
  • Demonstrated commitment, originality, innovation, or creativity in her field of medicine
  • Made pathways for other women in medicine
  • Made exceptional contribution to the image of women in medicine
  • Overcame adversity in medicine
  • Achieved recognition as a leader in women’s health in the area of public policy, health care delivery, research, medical education, patient care, application of basic sciences to health care.

2016 Award Winner

Padmini Murthy, MD MPH, MS

Previous Recipients:

1949      Mary Riggs Noble, M.D.
1950      Bertha Van Hoosen, M.D.
1951       Esther Pohl Lovejoy, M.D.
1952      Catharine Macfarlane, M.D.
1953      Elizabeth Bass, M.D.
1954      Mabel E. Gardner, M.D.
1955      Elise S. L’Esperance, M.D.
1956      Evangeline S. Stenhouse, M.D.
1957      Esther Pohl Lovejoy, M.D.
1958      Ada Chree Reid, M.D.
1959      Helen F. Schrack, M.D.
1960     Nelle Sparks Noble, M.D.
1961      Elizabeth Kittredge, M.D.
1962      Judith Emmelia Ahlem, M.D.
1963      Elizabeth S. Waugh, M.D.
1964      Helena T. Ratterman, M.D.
1965      Camille Mermod, M.D.
1966      Esther C. Marting, M.D.
1967       Amey Chappell, M.D.
1968      Margaret J. Schneider, M.D.
1969      Katharine W. Wright, M.D.
1970      Rosa Lee Nemir, M.D.
1971       Frieda Bauman, M.D.
1972      Alma Dea Morani, M.D.
1973      Alice Drew Chenoweth, M.D.
1974      Laura E. Morrow, M.D.
1975      Ruth Hartgraves, M.D.
1976      Claire F. Ryder, M.D.
1977       Eva P. Dodge, M.D., and Edith P. Brown, M.D.
1978      Minerva S. Buerk, M.D.
1979      Bernice C. Sachs, M.D.
1980     Ann P.D. Manton, M.D.
1981      Mathilda R. Vaschak, M.D.
1982     Helen B. Taussig, M.D.
1983     Clara Raven, M.D.
1984     Charlotte H. Kerr, M.D., and Helen M. Caldicott, M.D.
1985     Carol C. Nadelson, M.D.
1986     Luella Klein, M.D.
1987     A. Lois Scully, M.D.
1988     Claudine M. Gay, M.D.
1989     Helen O. Dickens, M.D.
1990     Lila A. Wallis, M.D.
1991      Anne L. Barlow, M.D.
1992      Roselyn Payne Epps, M.D., and Jane E. Hodgson, M.D.
1993      Yoshiye Togasaki, M.D.
1994      Anne H. Flitcraft, M.D.
1995      Vivian W. Pinn, M.D.
1996      Elizabeth W. Karlin, M.D.
1997      LeClair Bissell, M.D.
1998      Leah J. Dickstein, M.D., and Tina Strobos, M.D.
1999      Lila Stein Kroser, M.D.
2000    Nanette Kass Wenger, M.D., and Jeanne Spurlock, M.D., posthumously
2001   No Annual Meeting, no selection
2002   Olga Jonasson, M.D.
2003   Joanne Lynn, M.D.
2004   Mary Jane England, M.D.
2005   Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D., FACR
2006   Patricia Joy Numann, MD
2007   Debra R. Judelson, MD
2008   Elinor Christiansen, MD
2009   Nancy Nielson, MD
2010   Linda Clever,MD, MACP
2011   Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD
2012   Luanne Thorndyke, MD
2013   Kimberly Templeton, MD
2014   Mary Guinan, MD. PhD
2015  Mae Jemison, MD

 To Submit a Nominee

Submit your nomination form here.  A statement of interest along with the candidates CV and the Awards Application are and required to complete your nomination.  DEADLINE: November 20, 2016

Awardees must be present at the Awards Presentation Ceremony at AMWA’s Annual Meeting in order to be eligible to receive an award.