Physician Division — Awards

Camille Mermod Award

Initiated in 1969 by Josephine E. Renshaw, M.D., this award is given to a non-physician who has rendered exceptional service to the association. It need not be awarded every year, but only when it is justly deserved. On rare occasions, the award is presented to a physician whose exceptional service to the Association is unrelated to her capacity as a physician.

2024 AMWA Award Winner

Hugh Webster, JD

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Previous Recipients

2023 Katherine Jeffreys, BA
2022 Mary K. Rojek, PhD
2021 Emily Chen and Kayla Li, MSc
2020 Michelle Benedict
2019 Danielle K. Carrier
2018 The Legacy Center, Drexel University College of Medicine
2017 Dyani Loo, MD, and Laura Roebuck, MD
2016 Amanda Xi, MD, MSE
2015 Stuart Culpepper
2014 Katherine He
2013 Mary Ellen Morrow
2012 Ryan Smith Medical Student & Online Community Director, AMWA
2011 Sarah Hagy, AMWA Associate Director
2010 Not Awarded
2009 Shawn P. Fowler, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley
2008 Not Awarded
2007 Peter Bernhard
2006 A. Michael Gellman, CPA, Rubino & McGeehin, AMWA’s Accountant
2005 Ruby Edmondson, AMWA Receptionist
2004 Carol L. Jane, Wyeth
2003 Susan Eisendrath, MPH, RHI Project Director
2002 Ellen Morgenstern, AMWA/AMWA Foundation Consultant
2000 Jannine Jordan, Exec. Asst. to Executive Dir. and Board of Directors
1999 Jean L. Fourcroy, M.D., PhD, Expertise in Information Systems Technology, Debra R. Judelson, M.Angela Tiberio, M.D.
1998 Edel Hondl, M.D., Fundraising for Student Loan Program
1997 Marie P. Glanz, AMWA Special Programs Director
1996 Eileen McGrath, JD, CAE, AMWA Executive Director
1995 Roberta G. Rubin, M.D., Financial Advisor
1994 Nancy E. Cahill, Esquire, AMWA Foundation Board Member and Marilyn North Arnold Medical Relations Manager – Upjohn
1993 Laurie R. Rockett, Esquire, Attorney
1992 Joyce Kline Puletti, M.D. (posthumously), Benefactor
1991 Not Awarded
1990 Leonard I. Melman, C.P.A., AMWA Auditor
1989 Jane Williamson, Managing Editor, JAMWA
1987 Ruth J. Abram, President, Paraphrase, Inc. creator, “Send Us a Lady Physician” 1988 Carol Davis-Grossman, Executive Director
1986 Dorothy Darling, M.D., In her capacity as financial advisor to AMWA
1985 Sandra Chaff, Archivist, Archives and Special Collections on Women in Medicine, Med. Col. of PA
1985 Paula Hughes (posthumously), AMWA’s Financial Advisor, Vice President,Thomson McKinnon
1984 Not Awarded
1983 Albert Kroser, D.O. ,FAMWA
1982 Donald DeBona, Waverly Press – JAMWA Printer
1981 Not Awarded
1980 Samuel White, Insurance Agent
1979 Winston Cochran, M.D., FAMWA
1978 Mary Roth Walsh, Author – Doctors Wanted – No Women Need Apply
1977 Marion P. Crocker, Benefactor
1976 Not Awarded
1975 Mary Dublin Keyserling ,Program – The Fuller Utilization of Women Physicians
1974 C. Ruby Sears , Benefactor
1973 Eleanor R. Belmont, Benefactor
1972 Charles Golub, Auditor
1971 L. Robert Oaks, Publicity and P.R. – FAMWA
1970 Robert Maloney, Attorney
1969 Gertrude Conroy, Executive Director, AMWA