Physician Division — Awards

Bertha Van Hoosen

The Bertha Van Hoosen Award, named in honor of the Founder and first President of AMWA, honors a woman physician who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to AMWA, and has been an active member for at least five years.

2024 AMWA Award Winner

Monica D. Ormeno, DO

A statement of interest along with the candidates CV and the Awards Application are required to complete your nomination. Awardees must be present at the Awards Presentation Ceremony at AMWA’s Annual Meeting in order to be eligible to receive an award.

Nominations are now closed.

Previous Recipients

2023 Nicole P. Sandhu, MD, PhD, FACP, FAMWA
2022 Laurel Waters, MD, FCAP, FASCP
2021 Padmini Murthy, MD, MPH, FAMWA, FRSPH
2020 Connie Newman, MD, FACP, FAMWA
2019 Kimberly Templeton, MD
2018 Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD
2017 Farzanna Haffizulla, MD, FACP, FAMWA, and Gayatri Devi, MD, MS, FAAN
2016 Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH
2015 Roberta Gebhard, DO
2014 Linda Brodsky, MD
2013 Diane Galindo, MD
2012 Clarita Herrera, MD
2011 Beatrice Sachs, MD
2010 Anne Barlow Ramsay, MD and Claudia S. Morrissey, MD, MPH
2009 Roberta Rubin, MD
2008 Omega C. Logan Silva, MD, MACP
2007 Susan L. Ivey, MD, MHSA
2006 Satty Gill Keswani, MD
2005 Lesly T. Mega, M.D.
2004 Clair M. Callan, MD
2004 Anne E. Bernstein, MD
2003 Wendy Chavkin, MD
2002 Estherina Shems, MD
2001 No Annual Meeting, no selection
2000 Michele H. Bloch, MD
1999 Anita Johnson, MD
1998 Elinor T. Christiansen, MD
1997 Christine E. Haycock, MD
1996 Suzanne Allen Widrow, D, and Marjorie Braude, MD
1995 Janet Rose Osuch, MD
1994 Kathryn E. McGoldrick, MD
1993 Mary Ann Cromer, MD
1992 Rita R. Newman, MD
1991 Susan C. Stewart, MD
1990 Constance U. Battle, MD