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December Global Health Organization Spotlight: FIMRC

December Global Health Organization Spotlight: FIMRC

We are starting a series where we highlight Global Health Organizations that are doing exceptional work in providing sustainable aid to communities around the world! The first organization we’d like to showcase is The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC)!

FIMRC aims to increase access to healthcare services in underserved areas of the world, with teams working on projects in India, Uganda, The Philippines, and many countries in Latin America. FIMRC works with communities to address local needs and build infrastructure to improve access to these resources, and sustain this access for generations to come. 

FIMRC’s Global Health Volunteer Program (GHVP) integrates volunteers from all disciplines into the communities that the organization partners with, working with FIMRC staff and medical professionals to increase access to resources in these communities. Volunteers have a chance to shadow physicians and nurses to gain a global perspective of health concerns faced by communities around the world, while also assisting with clinic logistics and public health campaigns! 

If you have any questions about FIMRC or the Global Health Volunteer Program, feel free to email our global health chair at or a FIMRC representative at!

Check out the FIMRC’s website using the link in our bio!

Alexandra Alvarez

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