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Constructive Criticism

I must admit that my recent experience blogging for the first time has been challenging . I struggle to strike the perfect balance when composing my entries. I sit down to reflect upon my experiences knowing that my content will cause controversy. In fact, provoking controversy is one of my goals when writing. I want to generate powerful discussion and comments among my readers and entice my followers to think critically about the situations that I describe.

I have already been approached about my first entry. I have been told that the piece was too absolute without any areas of gray.    It was said that the entry stereotyped males and females into two distinct groups.  I thought about the feedback that I was receiving (mostly from males!) and reflected on their feelings of distress about having been placed into a category of unemotional, empathy-lacking males.  I considered writing a clarification but decided that I would not apologize for creating controversy that resulted from my depiction of an honest and personal experience.

Instead, I celebrated my success. I had effectively drawn attention to my topic and inspired individuals to reflect and react upon my experience.  These reactions generated conversation and discussion that led to higher levels of analytical thinking.  Moreover, I was relatively pleased by this accomplishment. since my goals include drawing individuals within medicine and outside of the field to consider my personal experiences and either agree or disagree with me.

When males approached me concerned about my content, I was thrilled! These men did not want to be passively placed into the group that categorized them as apathetic and lacking in emotion. Furthermore, they wanted their passion to be rightfully recognized. With this, came a wonderful realization that my controversial first post had encouraged males who broke the stereotypical mold to proclaim their compassion! I only hope that other males fight to prove that my  initial impression was inaccurate.

Subsequently, I have already seen several males sit down at the bedside and demonstrate a wonderful bedside manner. I know that my writing may not accurately incorporate shades of gray that undoubtedly exist, but my sole purpose is to generate conversation and stimulate minds to consider my “bare bones” description and flesh out those zones of ambiguity that may exist. With this, let me warn my readers to bear in mind that my experiences  only apply to my personal experiences and observations.  These entries are only glimpses into a giant  landscape of medicine across which I have barely traipsed.

Nonetheless, I appreciate any feedback. I look forward to listening to the reactions of my readers  such that I may  reconsider my approaches in writing in order to generate future thought-provoking dialogue. I welcome this journey and expect to contribute to this blog for the remainder of this year.

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Cherilyn Cecchini

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