About AMWA – Committee & Task Force Chairs

Advocacy Committee

Dr. Omega Silva Chair Emeritus
Dr. Norma Jo Waxman Co-Chair
Dr. Kim Templeton Co-Chair
Dr. Samia Osman Resident Chair
Najah Khan Student Co-Chair
Katherine Somodi-Stephenson Student Co-Chair
Yasamin Vafai Premed Chair
Dr. Suzanne Harrison
Dr. Susan Ivey
Dr. Rose Berkun
Dr. Tiffany Wells

American Women’s Hospitals Service

Dr. Dyani Loo Co-Chair
Dr. Connie Newman Co-Chair
Vacant Student Co-Chair

Archives Committee

Dr. Elinor Christianson Chair

Awards Committee

Dr. Janet Osuch Chair  (Term 2018)
Dr. Doris Hardacker (Rohr-Kirchgraber nominee) Term 2019
Dr. Marjorie Jenkins (Templeton nominee) Term 2020
Dr. Niharika Suchak (Harrison nominee) Term 2021
Dr. Kimberly Templeton Past President (Term 2018)
Allison Ikeda Student President (Term 2018)

Breast Cancer Task Force

Dr. Nicole Sandhu Chair
Vacant Student Chair

Cervical Cancer Task Force


Culture of Integrity Task Force

Dr. Roberta Gebhard Chair
Dr. Kim Templeton
Dr. Stacey Watt
Dr. Nicole Sandhu
Vacant Resident Co-Chair
Vacant Student Co-Chair

Depression and Suicidality Task Force

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber Chair
Gul Jabbar Student Chair

Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Neelum Aggarwal Chief Diversity Officer
Dr. Niharika Suchak Physician Chair – Race/ Ethnic Minority Committee
Dr. Laurel Waters Physician Chair LGBTQIA Coalition
Dr. Heidi Schaffer Physician Co-Chair LGBTQIA Coalition
Dr. Anthony Johnson Physician Chair – Military Subcommittee
Dima Elissa Chair – D&I Innovation
Dr. Vanessa al Rashida Resident Chair
Dahima Cintron Student Chair

Documentary Task Force

Dr. Clarita Herrera Chair
Dr. Eliza Chin Chair

Dr. Linda Brodsky Fund Advisory Board

Dr. Roberta Gebhard Chair

Faces of AMWA

Dr. Ashley Styczynski Co-Chair
Dr. Eliza Chin Co-Chair

Fellowship Program Task Force

Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla Chair
Dr. Connie Newman Chair

Finance Committee

Dr. Sharon Batista Chair
Dr. Suzanne Harrison
Dr. Gayatri Devi
Dr. Shahnaz Fatteh
Dr. Paul Kirchgraber, MBA
Dr. Laurel Waters Assistant Treasurer
Claire McDaniel Student Representative

Fund-raising Committee

Dr. Eliza Chin Chair
Marissa Matthews Student Chair

Gender Equity Task Force

Dr. Stacey Watt Co-Chair
Dr. Roberta Gebhard Co-Chair
Rachael Starcher Student Co-Chair
Annalese Neuenschwander Student Co-Chair

Global Health Task Force

Dr. Padmini Murthy Chair
Dr. Satty Keswani Chair Emeritus
Vacant Resident Chair
Paula Morales Student Co-Chair
Maria Perez Premed Chair

Governance Committee

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber Chair
Dr. Connie Newman
Dr. Nancy Church
Dr. Elinor Christiansen
Dr. Roberta Gebhard
Dr. Marissa Kilberg

Graduate Medical Education Task Force

Dr. Joan Lo

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

Dr. Stephanie Bonne Co-Chair
Dr. Ilana Rosman Co-Chair
Hannah Decker Student Co-Chair


Dr. Suzanne Harrison Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Shenifa Taite Co-Chair
Dr. Connie Newman Co-Chair
Dr. Holly Atkinson Editorial Board
Dr. Tana Welch Editorial Board
Dr. Kim Templeton Editorial Board

Legacy Quilt Task Force

Sneha Michaela SnehaMichaela@gmail.com

Literary AMWA

Dr. Anju Goel Physician Co-Chair
Dr. Clarita Herrera Physician Co-Chair
Marlie Philiossaint Student Chair

Maternity Leave Task Force

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber Chair

Membership Committee

Dr. Nicole Sandhu Chair
Dr. Connie Newman
Sanju Eswaran Student Chair
Dr. Maria Illakova Resident Co-Chair
Dr. Elisa Quiroz Resident Co-Chair
Rochelle Kinssies Premed Chair

Mentoring Task Force

Dr. Chemen Tate Chair
Dr. Fatima Husian Resident Chair
Alicia Muratore Student Co-Chair

Past President’s Council

Dr. Elinor Christensen
Dr. Sharyn Lenhart
Dr. Omega Silva

Pediatric Obesity Task Force

Dr. Joan Lo Co-Chair
Dr. Louise Greenspan Co-Chair

Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH)

Dr. Kanani Titchen Chair
Dr. Juila Geynisman Co-Chair
Dr. Mollie Gordon Co-Chair
Valeria Polcz Student Chair

Preventive Medicine

Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla Physician Co-Chair
Dr. Connie Newman Physician Co-Chair
Rubeena Dhami Student Co-Chair
Victoria Silverman Student Co-Chair
Harleen Sethi Student Co-Chair

Program Committee

Dr. Eliza Chin Program Co-Director
Dr. Amanda Xi Program Co-Director
Dr. Suzanne Harrison Program Committee Chair
Dr. Harmanjot Kaur Resident Program Co-Chair
Dr. Veronica Sudekum Resident Program Co-Chair
Keri Jones Student Program Co-Chair
Victoria Silverman Student Program Co-Chair
Lara Rostomian Premed Chair

Public Relations

Dr. Rose Berkun Co Chair
Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam Co Chair
Natasha Rich Student Chair
Ashley Singh Premed Chair

Publications Committee

Dr. Aleena Paul Chair
Tracey Cook Student Chair
Vacant Layout / Design
Dr. Eliza Chin Editor
Dr. Sarah Cutrona Editor
Sex and Gender Summit
Dr. Eliza Chin
Laura Gardner

Regional Governors

Vacant Region 1 Governor – CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT Region1Governor@amwa-doc.org
Vacant Region 2 Governor – NJ, NY Region2Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Robyn Faye Region 3 Governor- DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV Region3Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Nicole Bentze Region 4 Governor – FL, GA, NC, SC Region4Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Lauren Walter Region 5 Governor – AL, LA, MS, TN, The Caribbean Region5Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Anne Marie Hake Region 6 Governor – IL, IN, KY, MI, OH Region6Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Andrea Nicol Region 7 Governor – AR, IA, KS, MN, NE, ND, OK, SD, WI, MO Region7Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein Region 8 Governor – AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY Region8Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Gloria Wu Region 9 Governor – AK, CA, HI, OR, WA Region9Governor@amwa-doc.org

Social Media

Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode
Lauren Faber Student Co-Chair
Leslie Miller Student Co-Chair
Jocelyn Parra Premed Chair

Studio AMWA

Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode Chair
Rafaella Genova Student Co-Chair
Shilpa Darivemula Student Co-Chair & Artist in Residence 2016-2017
Hiba Ibad Artist in Residence 2017-2018

Traveling Exhibit

Dr. Eliza Chin

Underage Drinking

Dr. Eliza Chin
Jenny Chen Student Co-Chair
Apoorva Dharmadhikari Student Co-Chair

Website Committee


Women’s Health Working Group

Dr. Kim Templeton Chair
Lauren Smith Student Co-Chair

Women Physicians in War Project

Dr. Eliza Chin
Mollie Marr Student Co-Chair
Nitisha Mehta Student Co-Chair
Sarah Chin Student Co-Chair