About AMWA

AMWA Committee & Task Force Chairs

AMWA Committee / Task Force Chair Resources and Requirements

Advancement of Women in Medicine

Mentoring Committee

Dr. Chemen Neal Chair Emeritus
Dr. Kate Sharkey Chair
Dr. Alicia Muratore Corwin Resident Co-Chair ahmuratore@gmail.com
Dr. Kerri Vincenti Resident Co-Chair
Irene Kalbian Student Chair

Wellness Committee

Dr. Kim Templeton Chair ktemplet@kumc.edu

Medical Humanities

Literary Arts

Dr. Anju Goel Physician Co-Chair Literary AMWA
Cristina Denise Go Co-Chair Literary AMWA

Media AMWA

Mollie Marr Chair Media AMWA

Music in Medicine

Dr. Tina Wang Physician Co- Chair Music in Medicine
Dr. Mary Rorro Physician Co- Chair Music in Medicine
Dr. Kyungji Sung Resident- Co Chair Music in Medicine

Studio AMWA

Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode Chair Studio AMWA
Vidya Viswanathan Artist in Residence 2018-2019 Studio AMWA
Somalee Banerjee Artist in Residence 2019-2020 Studio AMWA

History AMWA-We are the First

Anna Lee Chair History AMWA — We are the First

History AMWA-Women MDs in War

Dr. Eliza Chin Chair History AMWA — Women MDs in War
Iris Dupanovic Student Co-Chair History AMWA — Women MDs in War
Victoria Sefcsik Student Co-Chair History AMWA — Women MDs in War

AMWA Advocacy Committee

Gender Equity Task Force

Dr. Wendy Bernstein Co-Chair
Dr. Dana Hardin Co-Chair
Joanna Georgakas Student Co-Chair
Tannaz Safari Student Co-Chair
Remi Welbel Premed Student Co-Chair
Mikayla Hyman Premed Student Co-Chair

Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

Dr. Omega Silva Chair Emeritus
Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber Co-Chair
Dr. Norma Jo Waxman Co-Chair
Brette Harding Resident Chair bretteharding@gmail.com
Amara Fazal Student Chair
Lori Horhor Premed Chair

Diversity and Inclusion

Dr. Neelum Aggarwal Chief Diversity Officer
Dr. Vidya Sundareshan Physician Chair – Rural Health
Dr. Vanessa Al Rashida Physician Chair — Minority Committee
Dr. Laurel Waters Physician Chair LGBTQIA Coalition
Mollie Marr Medical Student Co-Chair (LBGTQiA)
Dr. Danielle Barnes Physician Co-Chair — Military SubCommittee
Dr. Leah Triolo Physician Co-Chair — Military SubCommittee
Dr. Dima Elissa Co-Chair — D&I Innovation
 Dr. Vidhya Prakash Co-Chair – D&I Innovation

Physician Co-Chair- Rural Health

Dr. MerryJean Losso Resident Co-Chair
Dr. Dahima Citroen Lopez Resident Co-Chair
Aryana Sharrak Medical Student Co-Chair
Nimisha Kumar Medical Student Co-Chair
Rebecca Yanovsky Medical Student Co-Chair
Isabel Kats Premed Student Co-Chair
Emma Fleisher Premed Student Co-Chair
Anisha Chandran Premed Student Co-Chair
Aimen Vanood Premed Student Co-Chair
Saira Somnay Premed Student Co-Chair
Simran Sandhu Premed Student Co-Chair

AMWA Education Committee

Sex and Gender Health Collaborative

Dr. Jan Werbinski Executive Director
Mary Rojek Chair

Program Committee (Annual Meeting)

Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber Program Co-Director
Dr. Amy Hise Program Co-Director
Dr. Alexandra Goodwin Resident Program Co-Chair
Dr. Zainab Farzal Resident Program Co-Chair
Rose Caston Student Program Co-Chair
Sara Grant Student Program Co-Chair
Anna Vardapetyan Premed Co-Chair
Tiffany Chiang Premed Co-Chair

Preventive Medicine

Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla Chair Emeritus
Dr. Kim Templeton Physician Co-Chair

HPV and Cervical Cancer Task Force (PMTF)

Dr. Shobha Krishnan Physician Chair

Opioid Addiction in Women Task Force

Dr. Connie Newman Physician Co- Chair
Dr. Kimberly Templeton Physician Co- Chair
Cheryl Cheah Student Co-Chair

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

Dr. Stephanie Bonne Chair

Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH)

Dr. Kanani Titchen Chair (East Cost)
Dr. Julia Geynisman Co-Chair (Midwest)
Dr. Mollie Gordon Co-Chair (South)
Dr. Liz Berdan (US Army Captain) Co-Chair (West Coast)
Vacant Student Chair
Sarah Hofer Admin Volunteer (also linked to PATH email)
Kristina Borham Social Media Co-Chair
Faith Daniel Social Media Co-Chair

Graduate Medical Education Task Force

Dr. Joan Lo Chair

Internal Groups/Committees

Finance/Audit (Appointed Committee)

Dr. Sharon Batista Chair (voting member)
Dr. Laurel Waters Assistant Treasurer (voting member)
Dr. Roberta Gebhard Voting member
Dr, Beth Garner Voting member
Dr. Connie Newman Voting member
Dr. Nicole Sandhu Non-voting member
Maren Loe Student Representative (non-voting member)

Goverance (Appointed Committee)

Dr. Laurel Waters Chair
Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode
Dr. Connie Newman
Dr. Nicole Sandhu
Dr. Kim Seidel
Dr. Claudia Morrissey
Dr. Roberta Gebhard Ex-officio member

American Women’s Hospitals Service

Dr. Laura Helfman Co-Chair
Dr. Anju Goel Co-Chair
Dr. Eliza Lo Chin Co-Chair (Board liaison)
Victoria Greenstein Student Co-Chair
Arielle Roberts Student Co-Chair

Archives Committee

Dr. Mary Guinan Co- Chair
Mary Ellen Morrow Co-Chair

Awards Committee

Dr. Doris Hardacker Term 2020 (Chair)
Dr. Niharika Suchak Term 2021
Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla Term 2022
Dr. Kathy Keller Term 2023
Dr. Connie Newman Past President (Term 2019)
Mollie Marr Student President (Term 2019)

Dr. Linda Brodsky Fund Advisory Board

Dr. Roberta Gebhard Chair

Fellowship Committee

Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla Co-Chair
Dr. Suzanne Harrison Co-Chair
Dr. Connie Newman Co-Chair

Membership Committee

Robyn Raye Chair
Monique Mun Resident Chair
Natasha Rich Student Chair
Pooja Butani Premed Chair

Networking Alliance

Dr. Roberta Gebhard Co-Chair
Dr. Eliza Chin Co-Chair

Public Relations

Staff Position Chair
Rebecca Yanovsky Student Co-Chair
Selena Park Student Co-Chair
Claudia Zamora Premed Chair

Social Media

Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode Chair
Roshini Pudhucode Student Co-Chair
Carolyn Dubeau
Afeerah Ahmad Premed Chair

Publications Committee

Vacant Chair
Dr. Jayashree Raikhelkar Chair (Newsflash)
Naseem Rangwala Student Chair
Dr. Eliza Chin Editor

Regional Governors

Dr. Diane Nugent Region 1 Governor — CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT Region1Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Poonam Desai Region 2 Governor — NJ, NY Region2Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Robin Faye Region 3 Governor- DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV Region3Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Nicole Bentze Region 4 Governor — FL, GA, NC, SC Region4Governor@amwa-doc.org 
Dr. Lauren Walter Region 5 Governor — AL, LA, MS, TN, The Caribbean Region5Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Anne Marie Hake Region 6 Governor — IL, IN, KY, MI, OH Region6Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Susan Hull Region 7 Governor — AR, IA, KS, MN, NE, ND, OK, SD, WI, MO Region7Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein Region 8 Governor — AZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY Region8Governor@amwa-doc.org
Dr. Gloria Wu Region 9 Governor — AK, CA, HI, OR, WA Region9Governor@amwa-doc.org