Dr. Briana Money is a faculty member at North Colorado Family Medicine Residency in Greeley, Colorado. One of her main focuses and passions is on advancing women in leadership roles in medicine. During residency, she had the opportunity to complete a leadership program specifically for residents. Dr. Money is now co-director of that program and also co-director of the AMWA ELEVATE leadership program, launching soon. She thinks programs like these are important because as physicians they are often looked to as leaders despite often inadequate training in this area. Her goal is to provide resources and introduce leadership topics to resident physicians to better prepare them to enter/advance in leadership roles now and in the future.

Dr. Money is originally from Texas and attended the University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 2017. She then moved to Colorado to complete her residency at NCFM in Greeley. They are a full-spectrum Family Medicine residency including obstetrics. She has been on faculty since she graduated in the summer of 2020. She currently serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the Northern Colorado Medical Society. As mentioned, she is co-director of the ELEVATE leadership program for AMWA. Dr. Money also recently started an AMWA branch in Colorado for physician members.

Her passions include teaching and mentoring residents, learning more about leadership and advancing her own leadership experience, and eventually (hopefully in the next 18-24 months) she plans to become an ICF- certified coach. Dr. Money would love to be able to put my leadership experience and eventual coaching training to use in the resident-physician community. She thinks this is a key demographic and important time in a young physician’s life and would love to be able to support and mentor them more during this period of significant change. She hopes to have an accepted publication soon.