AMWA Member Benefits

A Professional Learning Platform — Expand Your Capabilities in New Directions



Beyond Physician, Inc., an on-demand learning academy and marketplace platform exclusively for physicians, partners with AMWA to advance women physicians by providing an avenue for them to explore novel experiences, consider side gigs, and consider opportunities that complement their clinical expertise.

You will have access to both the Marketplace and the Academy

Some key aspects of this collaboration include:

  1. Professional Development: Beyond Physician and AMWA are jointly launching professional development programs tailored to complement career goals and interests. These programs aim to provide entrepreneurship, mentorship, and skills enhancement.
  2. Course Collaboration. AMWA members have the opportunity design courses that promote more satisfying work-life integration for women in healthcare.
  3. Side Gig Opportunities: Through this partnership, AMWA members will have access to guidance and resources that may offer additional income streams or introduce diverse professional experiences to supplement medical practice, and as a means to support women’s career enhancement and progression.

Through this member benefit, AMWA aims to deliver unprecedented access to on-demand resources for skills enhancement and career diversification. Beneficial at every stage of medicine, this marketplace and learning academy platform introduces a variety of innovative experiences that take clinical expertise beyond patient care. This partnership presents resources to meet the unique needs and personal interests of every individual: women in medicine who are early in their career, established in their field, in medical school, or retirees seeking a new path.