Reclaim Your Joy for Life and Your Passion to Practice Medicine

As a long-time champion of physician wellness, the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) recognizes the need women physicians have to gain stability and guidance toward a much-needed and more welcomed restorative wholeness. To thrive in medicine these days, perhaps you need a way to recognize and address workplace fatigue and disengagement exacerbated by the lingering effects of the pandemic on top of the usually heavy demands of career and home life.

We introduce AMWA FLOURISH— A program of introspection and growth, drawing on the pillars of lifestyle medicine.

Have you been contemplating walking away? Leaving medicine? Wondering why you go to work every day?  Don’t have the energy to do anything fun when you finally get home?

AMWA FLOURISH will allow you to explore the adverse effects weighing you down so you can actively move to restore your purpose and lighten the drag on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. AMWA FLOURISH brings women physicians together to gain support and self-awareness through symptom assessment, learning, and coaching guidance.  Continuing Education Credits Offered: Up to 8 credits for Group Coaching, and another 6 credits for individual coaching.

See where you fall in your purposefulness and engagement — Take 10 seconds to see How Am I Really Doing?”  

Do You Ever Have These Thoughts…

  • I think no one around me understands how I am feeling.
  • I catch myself raising my voice or snapping at those around me.
  • I wake up feeling overworked and overwhelmed.
  • I fear that I have lost the joy that once made medicine appealing to me.
  • I feel unable to fulfill my own expectations or of those around me.
  • I wonder if work will ever feel manageable or satisfying again.

Are Ready to FLOURISH!

Start by identifying areas of your life that deserve a refresh so you can move forward with greater freedom and joy in your life. 

The pressures and expectations you are facing are likely taking a more significant toll on your psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing than you might realize. In fact, several surveys have found that the prevalence of work weariness and even exhaustion may be as much as 60% higher in women physicians than among our male counterparts.   

As part of AWMA FLOURISH, you will be guided to recognize influences that are wearing you down. Only then can you begin to revive your passion to pursue your career in medicine with intention. In doing so, you will become ready to overcome gender inequities and feel restored with a sense of daily joy. Ultimately, when your whole wellbeing is more in harmony, positivity will be reflected in your relationships as well as an engaged and effective woman in medicine.

Join Others Who Feel the Same.

Let’s Consider and Explore Together. Share Insights.

Move Forward Better.

PROGRAM COMPONENTS [Open to AMWA Members]  Not yet a member?  JOIN

$550 for access to the content library and 8-week group coaching. [Earn up to 8 CME]         ENROLL

  • Wellness content to prompt individual exploration of functional needs and opportunities for growth
  • Exploration of common challenges and concerns in a group coaching setting. Gain insights, learn from each other, develop a supportive network, and come away with positive strategies and beneficial tools to maintain a healthy and more balance whole-body equilibrium 
  • Prompts aimed at self-discovery of emotional, physiological, and physical wellbeing

TIER 2: ADD On. $1,600  [Earn up to 6 CME]  ENROLL

  • 1:1 coaching: Six individualized coaching sessions with a certified professional coach to explore concerns, issues, and opportunities with tailored, focused approach. attentionAMWA FLOURISH aims to meet this urgent need for our members to have the space and tools to be able to restore your equilibrium and regain your passion both at home and at work. We achieve this through a fully integrated, wholistic approach of information, insights, group coaching, and individual coaching. You choose your pace and level of involvement as you explore the factors that are holding you back and gain skills to counter past triggers and obstacles.

Program Director and Co-Founder: Tracy Asamoah, MD     ~     Coaching Director and Co-Founder: Robyn Tiger, MD

.FLOURISH Objectives:

    • Introduce a “reality check” to recognize any hindrances to the pursuit of professional and personal happiness as a woman in medicine.
    • Deliver evidence-based, accessible, actionable resources, strategies, and tools to promote overall wellness
    • Engage within a community safe space that offers peer support and connectedness
    • Gain meaningful insights and strategies to reaffirm your passion to pursue a satisfying career and joy in family and home life.