AMWA Resident Division is accepting applications for their national leadership positions until January 31, 2017.

Email to apply. Please include:

  1. Name
  2. Position
  3. Previous AMWA involvement statement
  4. CV
  5. Paragraph on why you are interested in this position and what you hope to achieve.


Positions & Responsibilities:


o   Shall serve as the spokesperson of the AMWA Resident Division unless this duty or any others are delegated.

o   Shall attend national and interim meetings and serve on AMWA Board of Directors (BOD). In the event that the President cannot be present, the President-elect may serve in place of the President.

o   Shall organize all events and business of the AMWA RD and may delegate responsibilities to other AMWA RD office members.

o   Shall present a monthly report to the AMWA BOD.

o   Shall reserve voting privileges on the AMWA BOD.

This position is filled by the incoming President-Elect.



o   Shall assist the President with her duties.

o   Shall act on behalf of the President in her absence.

o   Shall attend national and interim meetings.

o   Shall assume voting privileges on the AMWA BOD in the event that the President cannot be present. Otherwise shall be present for monthly BOD meetings.

o   Shall serve on the AMWA-RD Executive Board and RBOD.

o   Shall be a liaison with the Medical Student AMWA division and help coordinate any initiatives with this division.

o   Shall assist the Regional Directors in any efforts in chapter creation.

o   Shall with the secretary maintain AMWA-RD social media.



o   Record minutes at meetings.

o   Submit articles for distribution in newsletter, as time permits, but at least one article every 2 months.

o   Assist in publishing the AMWA Resident Quarterly Journal and the recruitment of submissions from members of AMWA-RD

o   Assist officers in their roles and initiatives

o   Shall attend national meetings.



o   Shall act as official custodian of the funds of this Resident Division and work in conjunction with Fernley.

o   Shall supervise the deposit of such funds into banking institutions and shall invest/fund-raise them upon the direction of the Board of Directors and Resident Division.

o   Shall attend national meetings.

o   Shall with the President compose the proposed annual budget to present to the AMWA-RD Board of Directors for voting.


Awards Chair 

o   Publicize, coordinate efforts to select, and notify recipients of AMWA awards, scholarships, and branch and regional grants

o   Maintain a close working relationship with the Treasurer


Recruitment Chair

o   Coordinate all aspects of new membership recruitment each fall

o   Organize any AMWA promotional items; coordinate item distribution

o   Nurture the development of new local branches and continue enrichment of existing local branches


Conference Chair (2)

o   Serve on the physician Conference Planning Committee

o   Coordinate with AMWA headquarters to plan the Annual Meeting resident track content and logistics, as well as accommodations for resident attendees

o   Work with the Treasurer to coordinate grant-writing to subsidize costs