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Program Agenda

All times in ET

Friday, March 22

Friday, March 22

11:00   WELCOME Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Garner

11:05   KEYNOTE Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

            KEYNOTE Congresswoman Kim Schrier, MD, United State House of Representatives

            KEYNOTE Navigating the Changing Legal and Business Landscape of Medicine: Why Does This Matter? Dr. Elizabeth Valencia

12:00   PLENARY Affirmative Action in Academic Medicine – What Does the Future Hold for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Healthcare? Dr. Donna Elliot, Dr. Karen Antman, Frank Trinity, Dr. Suzanne Rose; Dr. Beth Garner – Moderator

1:15   KEYNOTE Can We Reach Common Ground? Navigating Difficult Conversations on Controversial Medical Issues Jane Nucete, Ken Hyatt, Sarada Peri

2:15   LEGAL WORKSHOPS (Concurrent Sessions)

  • My Loss, A Cautionary Tale Dr. Beki Denman
  • Malpractice Risks and Coverage Benefits Paulette Dove
  • Marriage & Divorce – Swati Desai
  • Military – LTG Telita Crosland, CAPT Paulette Cazares
  • Physician Contracts – Anu Murthy
  • Public Health – Rukhaya Alikhan

3:30   CLINICAL HOT TOPICS (Concurrent Sessions)

  • GLP1-RA (Glucagon Like Peptide 1 Receptor Agonists): Benefits & Controversies Dr. Barbara Simon
  • Low Back Pain: Diagnosis and Management Dr. Lydia Kaoutzani
  • Bariatric Women’s Health- A Novel Collaboration Dr. Hamer Titus & Dr. Renee Hilton
  • Dementia Dr. Mindy Fain
  • Insomnia: When First Line Treatment Is Elusive Dr. Stephanie Ashraf
  • Inspired to Sleep: Updates in Sleep Apnea Dr. Nathalie Foray

Women’s Health

  • Evaluation and Management of Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Dr. Jessica Fraker
  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Same Basket: The Basics of Oocyte Preservation Dr. Amy Cruz
  • Updates in Endometriosis Dr. Kate Stampler
  • dVIN, VAM, DEVIL, VAAD, vLSC and VaVIN: Making Sense Of It All Dr. Rachel Kowal
  • Maternal Mortality in the US – A Public Health Approach to Improving Outcomes Dr. Aasta Mehta
  • Motherhood Rewritten: Pregnancy in Patients Over 35 Dr. Lara Hart
  • Vasomotor Symptoms in Post-Menopausal Women Dr. Gloria Bachmann & Dr. Nancy Phillips
  • Women’s Preventive Services Initiative Guidelines Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber

4:30   Poster Presentations | Specialty/Residency Fair | Gather & Speed Networking | Exhibitors

Saturday, March 23

Saturday, March 23

11:00   WELCOME

11:15   KEYNOTE Preparing to Negotiate WELL (Work, Education, Life & Leadership) Dr. Hannah Riley-Bowles

12:00   PLENARY From Patient Bedside to Practice Budget – Demystifying the Business Side of Medicine Wendy Cox Largent

12:45   PLENARY Understanding the New Managed Care Environment Dr. Maria Todd

1:45     PLENARY Unveiling Health Through the Lens of Sex and Gender Dr. Jan Werbinski, Dr. Deborah Kwolek, Dr. Alyson McGregor, Dr. Connie Newman; Dr. Kim Templeton – Moderator

2:30   Awards | Fellows | White Rose | Artist-In-Residence

3:15  PLENARY “I Don’t Have Time For This Cancer. Let’s Take Care of This. Let’s Get it Done”: Lillian Kreppel’s Journey

4:15   GME Symposium The Law and GME: What Programs Need to Know Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Women in Medicine and Science- Dr. Carol Bernstein, Natalie Holick, Lauren McKown, Dr. Kimberly Templeton – Moderator

5:00   FIRESIDE CHAT Courage, Grit, and Being Human: An Evening with Dr. Carrie Cunningham

7:00  A Healing Harmony: Exploring the Symbiosis of Music and Medicine Dr. Mary Rorro, Dr. Sydelle Ross

7:30   PAINT NIGHT Brushes and Scalpels: A Prescription for Paint Night! 

Sunday, March 24

Sunday, March 24

11:00   WORKSHOPS (Concurrent Sessions)

  • LIFTing Healthcare Heroes to Learn, Identify & Fight Trafficking Dr. Puneet Anand, Mikayla Medfford, and Elizabeth Adams
  • Securing Your Future through Intellectual Property: Navigating the Landscape Soody Tronson
  • Create a Career You Don’t Want to Escape From Dr. Marian McCrary
  • Alternative Contract Arrangements in Managed Care Dr. Maria Todd
  • Narrative Medicine: Advancing Career and Care Through the Power of Story Dr. Maria Bucco, Dr. Eve Makoff, Dr. Tara Ahmadi, Dr. Kristin Stasiowski, and Sarah Webb

12:00   WORKSHOPS (Concurrent Sessions)

  • Applying Antiracism to Everyday Advocacy: A Workshop for Physicians and Physicians in Training Dr. Audrey Elegbede & Dr. Nicole Sandhu
  • Coping with Breast Cancer: A Meta-analysis of Expressive Writing Interventions Dr. Gloria Bachmann, Dr. Nancy Phillips, and Pooja Patel
  • A Relational Approach: Empowering Each Other Through Psychological Safety Intend Health’s Dr. Sarah Smithson and Christina Kelly
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence Dr. Farzanna Hoque
  • Finding the Right Mentor & Maintaining the Relationship Through Key Conversations Dr. Bisi Alli, Paulina Awuah, Dr. Eliza Chin, Dr. Sue Hingle, and Dr. Ankita Sagar
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Advancement of Women in Medicine with a Multi-Specialty Approach Dr. Natalie Crawford, Dr. Pamela Mehta, and Dr. Rupa Wong

1:15   WORKSHOPS (Concurrent Sessions)

  • Humanities and Healing: An Arts in Medicine Journal Vol. 2 Dr. Mary Rorro, Dr. Olapeju Simoyan, Dr. Gloria Bachmann, Caitlin Cavarocchi, Sofia Stitz
  • Gender, Racial, and Ethnic Disparities Among Authors of Clinical Guidelines Dr. Amarilis Martin
  • Reducing Barriers to Physicians and Students Receiving Mental Health Care Dr. Eileen Barrett and Dr. Susan Hingle
  • Scripting Success: Beyond Clinical Walls Dr. Viv Babber

2:15   COACHING Complimentary Coaching Sessions See Coaching tab for information

Monday, March 25

Monday, March 25

          COACHING Complimentary Coaching Sessions See Coaching tab for information

Keynote Speakers

Affirmative Action Plenary

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Legal Plenary

Clinical Hot Topics

Business & Managed Care Plenaries

Sex and Gender Impact on Healthcare

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GME Symposium


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Registration Prices 

Member $150 / Non-member $250 (Non-member prices include free year of membership)

Students/Trainees $30, Non-member $50

Refund Policy

Refund requests for the conference will incur a $75 administrative fee. After 2/1/24, no refunds will be granted. Registration is transferable.

Photo/Video Release Policy

Registration for the meeting indicates agreement with AMWA’s photo/video release policy that allows the AMWA photographer, videographer and invited media to take and share photos and videos of participants attending the meeting and to publish likenesses on the AMWA website and in future print and electronic promotional and archival materials related to the meeting.

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Student Programming

Sunday, March 24

11:00   INTRODUCTION AMWA109 National Conference Student Co-Chairs Emily Marsico & Vineetha Matthews

11:10   PRESENTATION Removing Barriers to Physicians and Students Receiving Mental Health Care Dr. Elieen Barrett & Dr. Sue Hingle

11:45   Stump the Professor: Selected case reports will be presented to experts in the field. This will be an opportunity to learn and critically analyze unique cases and situations that patients present with.

Room 1

“The multiple clinical indications of mifepristone: A systemic review” Presented by Maria Ticsa
Guiding Physician: Dr. Robin Faye
“Does knowledge of BRCA status affect breast cancer treatment strategy” Presented by Emily Forester
Guiding Physician: Dr. AnaMaria Lopez
“A case of uterine sarcoma: The impact of insurance policy on timely access to hysterectomy” Presented by Kameron Bell
Guiding Physician: Dr. Robin Faye
“Gynecologic perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEcoma) in a woman with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex” Presented by Kadesh Daniels

Room 2

“Cystic Fibrosis in adults: Why you should keep it on the differential” Presented by Evelyn Crowley
“Cecal volvulus after cardiac surgery” Presented by Nicole Jansen
“Progressive neurological symptoms due to a thoracic intramedullary arachnoid cyst in an adult patient” Presented by Lydia Kaoutzani
“Severe, medically refractory hypercalcemia secondary to gestational Gigantomastia” Presented by Alison Jeffries


12:30   WORKSHOPS (Concurrent Sessions)  Click Here to Register for Annual Meeting and Sign-Up for Student Breakout Sessions

  • AMWA Global Health – Anne C Carter Fellowship: How to Make a Project Proposal
    • The Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellowship awards four AMWA medical student members with a two year fellowship focused on global health. The Carter Fellowship is both dynamic and multidisciplinary. The first year of the fellowship focuses on a global health curriculum, mentorship, and helping the fellow successfully plan the project. The second year of fellowship focuses on in-depth planning and preparation for a medical service-learning trip. The fellows selected for the 2020 – 2022 cohort will be the eighth cohort of fellows, and will be expected to actively work with their predecessors, as well as assist the subsequent class in their transition, to provide good continuity within the Fellowship. Join this session to learn about project development.
  • AMWA PATH – LIFTing Healthcare Heroes to Learn, Identify & Fight Trafficking
    • This 2-hour didactic session, facilitated by Drs. Berdan and Anand, empowers healthcare professionals to combat human trafficking. Attendees will learn to identify warning signs, integrate screening into clinical practice, understand their mandatory reporting obligations, and enhance clinical proficiency in evaluating and treating patients who are being or have been trafficked using a trauma informed approach. The session highlights a multidisciplinary approach and features an interactive panel discussion with speakers discussing patient scenarios and answering questions. By the end of the session, attendees will have the essential knowledge and skills to effectively care and advocate for survivors of human trafficking.
  • AMWA Gender Equity Task Force- Empowering Advocacy: Harnessing Social Media for Change
    • This workshop delves into the dynamic realm of social media advocacy and explores its future potential, benefits, and practical know-how. Our expert speakers Dr. Brianna Clark and Dr. Roberta Gebhard, who are advocacy specialists, and Vaishnavi J. Patel, a social media strategist with a track record for making AMWA Gender Equity Task Force posts stand out, will guide participants through the art of transforming research articles into compelling social media content. Attendees will gain insights into the power of social media in advancing causes and learn to craft impactful online campaigns, elevating their advocacy efforts to new heights.

1:05   KEYNOTE A Discussion on Advocacy Dr. Amy Burkett


Dec. 31: Submission abstract deadline



AMWA membership is composed of physicians, residents, medical students, pre-medical students, health care professionals, and other supporters. AMWA is the oldest multi-specialty organization dedicated to advancing women in medicine, advocating for equity, and ensuring excellence in health care.

The Annual Meeting is highly regarded for providing opportunities to energize current and prospective members while providing valuable networking opportunities for its participants. Each year our Poster Session has become more robust and reflective of our organization’s mission. Faculty, residents, fellows, and medical and pre-medical students are encouraged to participate in the 2024 Annual AMWA Meeting by submitting abstracts for presentation!

Important Guidelines:

  • Each abstract must be submitted using this online application form
  • Approval must be obtained from ALL authors before the abstract is submitted. A confirmation email will be sent to each author following submission receipt
  • The first author must be the presenting author and an AMWA member AT THE TIME OF PRESENTATION. At least one author must be an AMWA member AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION. If due to extenuating circumstances at the time of presentation the first author is unavailable, please contact at posters@amwa-doc.org.
  • There is a MAXIMUM of 2 presenters per poster presentation.
  • There is a MAXIMUM of 1 presenter per oral presentation.
  • Primary authors can submit a MAXIMUM of 2 abstracts.
  • The abstract must be 2000 characters or less (including spaces, excluding title and author names). No graphics or tables are allowed in the abstract submission.
  • There is a one-time non-refundable $50 poster application fee. An additional late fee will be added after the initial deadline has passed.


  • For Research Abstracts: Background/Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusion
  • For Quality Improvement or Innovation Abstracts: Background, Intervention/Innovation, Results, Conclusion
  • For Clinical Case Reports: Background, Case Description, Clinical Significance, Conclusions
  • You will be unable to edit your abstract after submission.  Late breaking data may be added to your final presentation up to the poster submission deadline (to be determined).
  • By submitting your abstract to this meeting, you agree that we may distribute your abstract as part of AMWA 109th Annual Meeting content via an online portal or in print if applicable.
  • Previously presented material may be accepted if new data or innovations exist and there are no copyright conflicts.  Please indicate if the material has been previously presented on the online form.
  • No industry-submitted content will be accepted.
  • ALL authors planning to present accepted abstracts are required to register for the meeting and pay the registration fee.

Abstract Blinding

In selecting abstracts, our goal is to be inclusive and equitable, using a careful review process and limiting presenters to serving as first author on a maximum of two accepted presentations. We hope this approach maximizes opportunities for both presenters and institutions and broadens participation for our institutions and members, giving an opportunity for scholarship voice to all our participants.

No identifying features such as names of authors, hospitals, medical schools, clinics, or cities may be listed in the title or abstract text.

Abstract Selection Process

Abstracts will be screened initially to ensure that at least one author on each presentation team is an AMWA member and that all abstracts have been submitted as directed. The selection committee will only evaluate submissions that pass the initial screening. The selection committee then proceeds with the abstract review and ranking process.

Poster Abstracts will be presented as follows:

  • Pre Conference Presentation – This is a new option for the AMWA109 Conference. Leading up to the conference we will have a pre-conference series that will allow physicians, residents, medical students, and pre-meds to present their research, quality improvement, personal experiences, and case reports that align with the main topics of the conference: Legal issues in medicine, Business in medicine, Women’s Health, Affirmative Action, DEI, and LGBTQ+ rights. Live presentations will take place on: March 1st, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST
  • Electronic Poster – Highly-ranked abstracts accepted for an Electronic Poster Presentation will present their work on the virtual platform and pre-conference recorded videos.  There will not be moderated sessions or physical presentations of E-posters during the meeting. Posters will be viewed by conference participants online and via the conference app.
  • Oral Presentation – The highest-ranked abstracts are selected for an Oral Presentation during the conference. Abstracts submitted with a late fee (after the initial deadline) will not be considered for an oral presentation. The highest-ranked Oral Presentations will be selected for an award at the end of the conference. The first author must be the one who presents the work and must be an AMWA member at the time of the conference.

Dec. 31: Regular submission abstract deadline with regular fee $50

Further and final details regarding final video and oral presentation selection will be distributed at a later date. See below.

  • Please allow the Committee time to review your submitted abstract. We assure you that ample time will be allotted to complete your pre-recorded video and to prepare for an oral presentation, if selected. You will receive detailed instructions, deadlines, and a final checklist for the final E-poster in the acceptance email. We will not respond to inquiries regarding abstract decisions unless you have not received a notification regarding your initial abstract by late December 2023/early January 2024 (excluding late submissions).

Questions? E-mail posters@amwa-doc.org.

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AMWA Contigo Mug $25 (while supplies last)

AMWA T-Shirt $20 (same design as last year, while supplies last)

AMWA 4-Zip Pouch $8

AMWA Awards

Over the past 150 years, women physicians have blazed new trails, opened closed minds, lifted downcast spirits, and profoundly impacted medicine in countless ways. Through our awards and recognition programs, AMWA celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of these remarkable American Medical Women.

Winners to be announced soon.



AMWA Coaches are offering complimentary 1:1 professional coaching sessions to AMWA members to aid you in thriving, leading, and transforming in your career! 30-minute sessions will be offered on the Sunday, March 24th and the Monday, March 25th following the conference.

Review our participating coaches below and inquire with a coach directly to schedule your session! 

Yara Mikhaeil-Demo, MD
Specialty: Neurology/Epilepsy / Clinical Neurophysiology
Focus: Physician Moms who are in leadership; Burnout
Schedule: YaraDemoMD@gmail.com

Wendy Schofer, MD, FAAP, DipABLM, NBC-HWC, TIPC
Specialty: Pediatrics, Lifestyle Medicine
Focus: I’m a trauma-informed, feminist stress-busting life & health coach: helping parents who are stressed about their children’s weight & health, and helping physicians who want to take back control of their lives.
Schedule: WendySchoferMDScheduling.as.me/AMWA

Aashi Arora, MHA, PCC
Focus: I guide physicians on how to rise in leadership through controlling their imposter syndrome.
Schedule: calendly.com/aashiarora/

Tracy Asamoah, MD, ACC
Specialty: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Focus: I partner with new and emerging leaders to clarify their leadership identity and become resonant leaders confident in their purpose.
Schedule: tracyasamoahcoaching.com/contact-1

Falguni Vasa, MD, FACE, CPCC, ACC
Specialty: Endocrinology
Focus: I coach physicians and executives but have a passion for women physicians and the unique challenges we face.
Schedule: fvasa8@gmail.com

Jattu Senesie, MDJattu Senesie, MD
Specialty: OB/GYN
Focus: I specialize in helping early career physicians design lives that promote their sense of satisfaction and well-being while supporting their personal and professional success.
Schedule: jattu@essenceofstrength.com

Sarah Samaan, MD, FACC
Specialty: Cardiology
Focus: I empower and equip physicians to successfully navigate burnout, work-life balance, and transitions through my focused and compassionate coaching program.
Schedule: mindfulphysiciancoaching.as.me/AMWA