AMWA is hosting its first annual healthcare innovation startup competition, the AMWA Healthcare Innovation Challenge, a live event celebrating over 100 years of support for women physicians. Women-led start-ups receive less than 3% of VC funding. We encourage women DocPreneurs to share their innovations and compete for non-dilutive $10,000 in funding plus a one-year membership to healthcare start-up incubator.

ABSTRACT DEADLINE has been extended to FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Startup Pitch Applications Ended


The innovation challenge is designed with two goals: (1) To share concepts and ideas with a community of medical experts and investors and (2) To participate in a showcase that highlights promising healthcare innovations within our DocPreneur community.

You May Submit:

  1. Innovation abstracts for poster presentation
  2. Start-up pitch 
  3. Both an Innovation abstract and a start-up pitch

Categories for submission: (1) drug delivery device, (2) medical technology, (3) health technology, (4) digital health, and more.

Finalist startup pitch competitors and poster abstracts will be selected by a panel of judges representing diverse stakeholders from a range of healthcare sectors.

Posters will be allotted central display space for the duration of the 2023 AMWA Annual meeting, with earmarked times for attendees to meet poster presenters in person.

Start-up Pitch Prize: $10,000 non-dilutive cash prize, plus a 1-year membership to healthcare start-up incubator.

AMWA is building a community of innovators who are bridging the gender gap in healthcare entrepreneurship. Join us and be an AMWA catalyst for change.



1. Who can apply for the AMWA INNOVATION CHALLENGE?
Any woman physician who is a leader, founder or “idea person” of a healthcare startup.

2. If selected as a poster finalist, do I need to present my poster in person?
Yes. Poster presenters are asked to register for the AMWA Annual meeting and to be available on-site to accompany their abstract poster and/or pitch in person, March 24-26th, 2023.

3. If selected as one of the five start-up pitch finalists, do I need to pitch at the event in person?
Yes. Start-up pitch finalists are asked to register for the AMWA Annual meeting and to be available on-site to present their pitch in person, March 25th, 2023.

4. Where is the event held?
MARCH 23-26, 2023, AMWA Annual Meeting, Doubletree Center City, Philadelphia

5. Do I need to register for the meeting to apply?
No, one does not need to be registered for the meeting to apply for the abstract/pitch competition. There is a fee for the abstract application of $40. 

6. When are the finalists announced?
On December 15th, 2022, finalists for the pitch competition will be notified. Finalists for the abstract submissions will be announced in early 2023.