AMWA's 108th Anniversary Meeting/Medical Women's International Association North American Congress

March 23 – 26, 2023 in Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to AMWA 2023

Join us March 23-26, 2023

Philadelphia, PA




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Registration Prices (in person)

Meeting Only:  Member $385 / Non-member $485  (Physician non-member prices include free year of membership)

Meeting & Gala Package (save $25): Member $435 / Non-member $535  (Physician non-member prices include free year of membership)
Residents:  Member $30 / Non-member $50
Medical Students:  Member $99 / Non-member $124
Pre-meds:  Member $99 / Non-member $124

Refund Policy

Refund requests for the virtual conference will incur a $35 administrative fee. After 2/1/22, no refunds will be granted. Registration is transferable.

Photo/Video Release Policy

Registration for the meeting indicates agreement with AMWA’s photo/video release policy that allows the AMWA photographer, videographer and invited media to take and share photos and videos of participants attending the meeting and to publish likenesses on the AMWA website and in future print and electronic promotional and archival materials related to the meeting.


Information Coming Soon

Information Coming Soon



Nov. 1: Regular submission abstract deadline with regular fee
Nov. 15: Late submission abstract deadline with late fee
Nov. 30: Final Call/Late Breaking abstract deadline with late fee


AMWA membership is comprised of physicians, residents, medical students, pre-medical students, health care professionals, and other supporters.  AMWA is the oldest multispecialty organization dedicated to advancing women in medicine, advocating for equity, and ensuring excellence in health care.

The Annual Meeting is highly regarded for providing opportunities to energize current and prospective members while providing valuable networking opportunities for its participants. Each year our Poster Session has become more robust and reflective of our organization’s mission. Faculty, residents, fellows, and medical and pre-medical students are encouraged to participate in the 2023 Annual AMWA Meeting by submitting abstracts for presentation. We look forward to receiving your submission and returning to in-person meeting activities. We hope to see you in Philadelphia!

Important Guidelines:

  • Each abstract must be submitted using this online application form – submissions via email will not be accepted.

  • Approval must be obtained from ALL authors before the abstract is submitted. A confirmation email will be sent to each author following submission receipt

  • The first author must be the presenting author and an AMWA member AT THE TIME OF PRESENTATION. At least one author must be an AMWA member AT THE TIME OF SUBMISSION. If due to extenuating circumstances at the time of presentation the first author is unavailable, please contact us at

  • The abstract must be 2000 characters or less (including spaces, excluding title and author names). No graphics or tables are allowed in the abstract submission.

  • There is a one-time, non-refundable $50 poster application fee. An additional late fee of $50 will be added after the initial deadline of November 1st has passed. The abstract submission window will close on November 30th.

  • Categories:
    For Research Abstracts: Background/Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions
    For Quality Improvement or Innovation Abstracts: Background, Intervention/Innovation, Results, Conclusion
    For Clinical Case Reports: Case Description, Conclusions, Clinical Significance

  • You will be unable to edit your abstract after submission.  Late breaking data may be added to your final presentation up to the E-poster submission deadline (to be determined).

  • By submitting your abstract to this meeting, you are agreeing that we may distribute your abstract as part of AMWA 108th Annual Meeting content via an online portal or in print if applicable.

  • Previously presented material may be accepted if new data or innovations exist and there are no copyright conflicts.  Please indicate if the material has been previously presented on the online form.

  • No industry-submitted content will be accepted.

  • ALL authors planning to present accepted abstracts are required to register for the meeting and pay the registration fee.

  • Accepted abstracts will all be invited to present in a virtual format and an in-person paper poster presentation (not for judging). Selected abstracts will be invited for an Electronic Poster Presentation (details below).

Abstract Blinding

In selecting abstracts, our goal is to be inclusive and equitable, using a careful review process and limiting presenters to serving as first or second author on a maximum of two accepted presentations. We hope this approach maximizes opportunities for both presenters and institutions and broadens participation for our institutions and members, giving an opportunity for scholarship voice to all our participants.

No identifying features such as names of authors, hospitals, medical schools, clinics, or cities may be listed in the title or abstract text.

Abstract Selection Process

Abstracts will be screened initially to ensure that at least one author on each presentation team is an AMWA member and that all abstracts have been submitted as directed. The selection committee will only evaluate submissions that pass the initial screening. The selection committee then proceeds with the abstract review and ranking process.

Abstracts will be evaluated with AMWA’s priority topics in mind:

  • Public Health Initiatives: Reproductive Justice, Gun Violence Prevention, Opioid Addition / Pain Management, Human Trafficking, Obesity, Cervical Cancer Eradication, Women’s Health

  • Sex and Gender-Specific Medicine

  • Technology & Innovation

  • Gender Equity

  • Work-Life Issues (including Physician Infertility)

  • Physician Wellness & Burnout (including Medical Humanities)

  • Medical Education & Training

Poster Abstracts will be presented as follows:

  • In-person Paper Poster – All accepted posters will have the option to bring a paper poster to present. These posters will not be judged.
  • Electronic Poster – Highly-ranked abstracts accepted for an Electronic Poster Presentation will present their work on the virtual platform and pre-conference recorded videos.  There will not be moderated sessions or physical presentations of E-posters during the meeting. Posters will be viewed by conference participants online and via the conference app.
  • Oral Presentation – The highest-ranked abstracts are selected for an Oral Presentation during the conference. Abstracts submitted with a late fee (after the initial deadline) will not be considered for an oral presentation. The highest-ranked Oral Presentations will be selected for an award at the end of the conference. The first author must be the one who presents the work and must be an AMWA member at the time of the conference.


Nov. 1: Regular submission abstract deadline with regular fee
Nov. 15: Late submission abstract deadline with late fee
Nov. 30: Final Call/Late Breaking abstract deadline with late fee
We encourage you to join us for one of our Virtual Research Series sessions (save the dates!):
September 7: How to prepare an abstract
October 5: Open office hours on abstracts
October 17: Sign-up for 10-minute, one-on-one abstract feedback
January 18: How to prepare a poster
February 8: Open office hours on posters
February 15:  Sign-up for 10-minute, one-on-one poster feedback
All sessions will be held starting at 8 pm ET. Sign up form will be available soon.

Further and final details regarding final video and oral presentation selection will be distributed at a later date. See below.

  • Please allow the Committee time to review your submitted abstract. We assure you that ample time will be allotted to complete your pre-recorded video and to prepare for an oral presentation, if selected. You will receive detailed instructions, deadlines and a final checklist for the final E-poster and pre-recorded video in the acceptance email. We will not respond to inquiries regarding abstract decisions unless you have not received a notification regarding your initial abstract by early February 2023 (excluding late submissions). Abstract decisions will be sent by early February.

Questions? E-mail


Friday, March 24, 2023

7 pm ET

Fees: (includes virtual and in-person exhibiting and Newsletter banner)

For Profit Exhibitor Table: $2,500.00 (Half Table: $1500)
Non-Profit Exhibitor Table: $1,250 (Half Table: $750)

Medical Student Specialty Fair: $250 booth (cocktail table)

Pre-med Fair:  $250 booth (cocktail table)


Each Exhibit space will include:

– One 6 ft draped table with 2 chairs
– Listing in the program book if registered before March 1, 2022
– Complimentary wifi
– Pass to attend non-meal meeting functions

– Extra charge:  electrical, extension cords, box delivery, phone lines, easels.  

Thursday 3/23/23

Exhibits Set Up 6-8 PM

Friday 3/24/23

Exhibits Set Up 8:00 – 10:00 AM

Exhibits Open: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Saturday 3/25/23

Exhibit Open: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

Exhibits Takedown: 4:00 – 7:00 PM 

Exhibitor Guidelines
Exhibitor assumes responsibility and agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Hotel, Hilton Worldwide, Inc., and the Hotel’s Owner, and their respective owners, managers, subsidiaries, affiliates employee and agents (collectively, “Hotel Parties”), and Group from and against any claims or expenses arising out of the use of the exhibition premises.  The Exhibitor understands that neither the group nor the Hotel Parties maintain insurance covering the Exhibitor’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain such insurance.

Exhibit Space Rental: Electricity will be available only if requested in advance. Space will be assigned according to the order in which paid applications are received.

Cancellations:  Once a formal application has been received; cancellations must be submitted in writing, no later than 8 weeks prior to the opening day of the meeting. A $150.00 Cancellation fee will be assessed. If no notification is provided, the applying company will be responsible for the entire exhibit fee.

Regulations:  Exhibit space will be provided as indicated in this prospectus. Exhibits must be installed so that they do not project beyond the space allotted. No interference with the light or space of other exhibitors will be permitted. No signs or other articles shall be posted, nailed or otherwise attached to any of the pillars, walls, doors, etc., in such manner as to deface or destroy them. No attachments shall be made to the floors by nails, screws or any other device. All space is leased subject to these restrictions.

Display Requirements and Restrictions:  AMWA retains the right to deny the exhibition of inappropriate items and products (for example products or services that do not have FDA approval. Please contact the Exhibit Manager ( with any questions. Exhibit participation does not constitute in any form an endorsement of a company or product by AMWA.  Exhibitors are prohibited from making media marketing statements based on participation in the meeting as an exhibitor.

Irregular Canvassing and Distribution of Advertising Matter:  Solicitation of business or conferences in the interest of business except by exhibiting firms is prohibited. Exhibitors are urged to report to the Exhibit Manager any violations of this rule. Canvassing by exhibitors outside of their booths is also forbidden. Circulars or advertising matter of any description shall not be distributed except from the exhibitor’s booth.

Uncontrolled Eventualities: AMWA will take all reasonable precautions against damage or loss by fire, water, storm, theft, strike or any other emergencies of that character but does not guarantee or insure the exhibitor against loss by reason thereof (see “Responsibility Agreement”)




Diamond- $20,000

Gold- $10,000

Silver- $5000

Bronze- $1,000



Questions? E-mail

Questions? E-mail


Submit a congratulatory ad to celebrate a family member, friend, or colleague. For examples of previous ads, please see the program book from last year.

Program Book Ad (quarter page)
Program Book Ad (half page)
Program Book Ad (full page)
Digital Bag Insert $200
Meeting mobile app banner ad $300

Specs for program book ad:

Full Page: trim = 8.38 in x 10.75 in, live = 7.88 in x 10.25 in, bleed = 8.63 in x 11 in
Half Page: live = 7.88 in x 5 in
Quarter Page: live = 3.5 in x 5 in


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