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Working Agenda

Thursday, March 24th 

12:00 pm ET – Welcome.  Eliza Chin, MD, MPH, AMWA Executive Director. Bio

12:30 pm ET – Keynote: Healing with Intention
Rana Awdish, MD, is a critical care physician on faculty at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan, and author of In Shock, a critically-acclaimed, bestselling memoir of her near-death experience as a patient.
1:30 pm ET – Break
1:45 pm ET – Plenary Lecture: Add Humor to your Medical Bag
Carrie Horwitch, MD, MED, Professor of Medical Education and Administration at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. Bio

2:30 pm ET – AMWA Initiative Spotlight — Mental Health: Humans Before Heroes  (Drs. Loice Swisher and Kim Templeton)
2:45 pm ET – Workshop: “Shifting from Surviving to Thriving: Creating Psychological safety and a Culture of Wellness”
Charlene Dewey, MD, MEd, Co-director of professional health at VAndervilt University
3:45 pm ET – Break
4:00 pm ET – Plenary Lecture: Reimagine Your Potential for Optimal Success and Satisfaction
Cheri Blauet, MD, Assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School
5:00 pm ET – AMWA Initiative Spotlight — The Value of Membership
Vidhya Prakash, MD, Clinical professor
8:00 pm ET – Poster Awards

Friday, March 25th 

12:00 pm ET – Welcome
Janice Werbinski, MD, AMWA President (2021-2022)
12:30 pm ET – Keynote: What We Need to Know about the Leading Killer of Women and What We Can Do About It
C. Noel Bairey Merz, MD
1:30 pm ET – Break
1:45 pm ET – Fireside Chat:  Heart to Heart: Considering Sex, Gender, and Diversity to Save More Women’s Lives 
Dr. Werbinski, MD, will speak with Dr. C. Noel Bairey Merz, and Dr. Jennifer Meires
2:30 pm ET AMWA Initiative Spotlight — Physician Fertility
Drs. Comeaux, Talib, and Duke
2:45 pm ET Break
3:00 pm ET Hot Topics (Concurrent Clinical Sessions)
4:00 pm ET Hot Topics (Concurrent Clinical Session)​
8:00 pm ET  AMWA GALA.
Join us for a Fireside Chat with Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, Chief Health Officer at Google Health and Adjunct Professor of Medicine and Population Health at the University of Texas/Austin School of Medicine and a special guest from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Saturday, March 26th 

12:00 pm ET – KEYNOTE: Kimberly Manning, MD, professor of medicine and associate vice chair of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Emory University School of Medicine
1:00 pm ET – Fireside Chat – Overcoming Blindspots (Michael Sinha, Melissa Begay, and Narjust Duma)
1:45 pm ET AMWA Gender Equity Initiative Spotlight (Dr. Timmerman and Dr. Bernstein)
2:00 pm ET – Break
2:15 pm ET – Workshop: “Empowered Leadership: Creating a Thriving Culture for Diverse Women in Medicine”
Nora Vasquez, Ursula Lang, and Vanessa Calderon
3:15 pm ET – Break
3:30 pm ET – Workshop: Did That Really Just Happen? De-escalating Conflict
Drs. Nicole Lee, Eileen Barrett, Allison Ashford, and Rachna Rawal
4:30 pm ET – Remarks from Incoming AMWA President
Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD,   Bio
8:00 pm ET    Presentation of AMWA Fellows and Awards

Sunday, March 27th 

  • GME Special Programming
  • Medical Student Program with the featured program from AMWA IGNITE
  • Premedical Student Program
  • CV Review
  • Professional Coaching: 30-minutes complimentary sessions available from March 27-30, 2022.

Faculty List Coming Soon!

Trainee/Student Programs

Submit Poster Abstract

Poster sessions will be held virtually with poster viewing available leading up to, during, and after the meeting  

If you are a poster presenter, instructions will be emailed on how to submit a video presentation. Student and resident posters will be judged. Physician posters will be nominated for Viewer’s Choice Awards. If you have questions, please contact

General Information

Submission categories include: Clinical care – best practices, Clinical care – case study, Research – human subjects (clinical), Research – bench, and other.

Posters that align with AMWA’s priority topics are especially encouraged:

Sex and Gender-Specific Medicine
Gender Equity
Work-Life Issues (including physician fertility)
Physician Wellness & Burnout (including medical humanities)
Medical Education & Training
Public Health Initiatives:  Gun Violence Prevention, Opioid Addition / Pain Management, Human Trafficking, Obesity, Cervical Cancer Eradication, Women’s Health

Submission Guidelines:

  • The abstract must be 2000 characters or less (including characters, excluding title and author names). No graphics are allowed in the online submission form.
  • There is a one-time, non-refundable $50 poster application fee
  • Poster abstract must be 300 words or less (author names do NOT count toward word limit)
  • Approval must be obtained from ALL authors before the abstract is submitted. A confirmation email will be sent to each author following submission receipt
  • The submitting author must be available to present at the conference.
  • Please enter your abstract information as accurately as possible, as it will not be able to be changed after submitting this form.


  • For Research Abstracts: Background/Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions
  • For Quality Improvement or Innovation Abstracts: Background, Intervention/Innovation, Results, Conclusion
  • For Clinical Cases: Case Description, Conclusions, Clinical Significance


When is the deadline to submit an abstract?

The deadline for all submissions is November 22nd, 2021.

Does my faculty advisor have to be an AMWA member?

No, your faculty advisor does not have to be an AMWA member.

Does the abstract need to have results and conclusions?

No, the abstract does not need to have results and conclusions. However, the abstract does need to have anticipated (or preliminary) results by the time the abstract is due.

Submitters do need to have results and conclusions by the time the poster is due, which is a few months after the abstract is due and usually 1-2 months before the conference.

Can my abstract submission be based on previously unpublished work?

It is okay to submit an abstract that is based on previously published work, but it cannot be a carbon-copy. The submitting authors are welcome to reevaluate or reanalyze their data or project in a way that is different from the originally published version and more focused on the mission/goals of AMWA.

Submit Poster Abstract


Diamond $20,000+
Gold $10,0000+
Silver $5,000+
Bronze $1,000+

Sponsors will be recognized in digital and print programs and receive complimentary registration to the meeting.


Virtual exhibit: $550 (for profit), $300 (non-profit)

Virtual exhibits will be launched 4 weeks prior to the meeting and will remain on the virtual meeting page after the meeting. Each exhibit will include:

  • A short video or graphic
  • Up to 3 links to program or product information
  • OPTIONAL Scheduled opportunities to present to meeting attendees (exhibitors must use their own meeting platform (e.g. Zoom)

Questions? E-mail

Preview our current exhibitors and stay tuned for live exhibitor updates!