Wei Wang, MD

At 54  Dr. Wang received the biggest secret yet that her grandfather was Kuoming Tang’s general. No wonder as she cruised through her medical school in China Wuhan and residency training program at Albert Einstein-Adult Psychiatry and Cornell-Child Psychiatry, her mission statement was filled with desire to change and lead the world. After she joined AMWA, she found her calling, helping and teaming up with the very oppressed women race. Practicing psychiatry about 24 years and majority outpatients are female any way,  she is ready to introduce the revulotionary changes in psychiatry within last year. It is her own journey collided with the explosion of the similar minds of eager healers, facing the prevalent traumas with courage. Her cruisade is to evangelize the climax of Psychiatry accomplished through research by Dr. Eric Kandel, Dr. Von Der Kolk and Dr. Richard Schwartz.







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