Rebekah Apple, MA, DHSc

Rebekah Apple, BA, DHSc is the Director of the Master of Medical Management program at Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy.

Rebekah is responsible for the direction and strategy refinement for a degree program exclusively for physicians. In this role, she works closely with faculty, staff, and external stakeholders to develop and deliver curriculum designed to increase physicians’ business, management, ethics, and leadership acumen. Rebekah establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with health care associations, organizations, and systems. She has served as health care advisor, educator and ethicist for over ten years in academic, clinical, and association environments.

Prior to joining Heinz College, Rebekah served as Director of Programming and Student Affairs for the American Medical Student Association, and continues to provide educational programs for the organization. Certified to administer an array of psychometric assessments, Rebekah has also customized world-known instruments to suit the clinician population and provides education on a consultant basis to numerous hospitals and health systems.

Rebekah currently serves on the UPMC ethics committee and the University of South Florida Division of Research Integrity Conflict of Interest Committee. She has a special interest in organ donation and transplantation ethics, and has served on donation organization ethics committees as well as hospital and hospice ethics committees. Before joining Heinz, Rebekah taught health care ethics for 9 years in Florida, and currently teaches Leadership, Communications, and Organizational Culture for Mercy College of Ohio.

She holds a Masters in Bioethics from the University of South Florida and a doctorate in Health Science from A.T. Still University.