Mindy Gillis, MEd

Mindy Gillis has worked in Human Resources at Mayo Clinic in Florida for 13+ years. Mindy has a Master’s in Education with a focus on Leadership and Organization Development. Currently, she is working as a Leadership Assessment and Development Advisor for HR. Specifically focusing on coaching, leadership succession, and developing strategies to support succession, building the talent pipeline, and accelerating career paths of women and minorities for those within succession pools for senior and top institutional leadership roles. Mindy has taught coaching skills and has coached many different executive leadership roles for over seven years at Mayo Clinic. Mindy is certified in Crucial Conversations, Everything DiSC, EQI 2.0, Change Management, and Real Colors. She also has a vast array of educational leadership capabilities that include coaching, mentoring, consulting, facilitation, teaching, program design, program implementation, and organization development (OD). Mindy has taught hundreds of courses and worked with teams and individuals on emotional intelligence, leadership effectiveness, and effective communication.

Helping people harness their greatness through various coaching topics but not limited to:

· Leadership effectiveness

· Emotional Intelligence and interpersonal intelligence

· Communication including holding difficult conversations

· Resiliency/Burnout

· Transitions in leadership roles

· Time and prioritization management

· Career development

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