Jennifer Hunt, MD, MEd

Dr. Hunt is a physician executive and keynote speaker who has served in many leadership roles, including her current role as Chair of Pathology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and as the first female Chief of Staff at the University of Arkansas. Dr. Hunt has been an elected board member and officer for multiple different national pathology organizations. Dr. Hunt’s passion is working to increase the number of women in leadership roles in healthcare and she is well known as a mentor, sponsor and promoter of women physicians. She is a certified executive leadership coach and works with physician leaders and future leaders across the country. Dr. Hunt created and facilitates a popular impactful leadership development program, “Unlocking the Authentic Self”, which helps women to build confidence, abandon self-doubt, overcome impostor tendencies, and live more powerful and intentional professional lives. In all of her roles, from Chair, to physician leader, to executive coach, Dr. Hunt finds great joy in teaching people practical tools, skills, and strategies for personal empowerment and growth.

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