Karen Poirier-Brode, MD;CM, FACOG, FAMWA

My name is Karen and I was born in the Canadian Prairies, and lived in Canada until finishing medical school in Montreal. I became a  physician, specializing in OB-GYN and am a Fellow of ACOG. My medical career includes subspecialty in Pediatric and Adolescent OBGYN and Psychosomatic OBGYN. After marrying and starting a family, my medical career took me to California, where I reside today. After retiring from active medical practice, I launched A Creative Approach Podcast, which I host, to share stories of individuals who have used creativity to their advantage, at home, and in business, by working through challenges with a creative approach. I am currently a college art student with an enthusiasm for life-long learning. As a co-chair of the Studio AMWA committee I want to spend the love and passion of the healing power of art in the lives of clinicians and patients. I also serve as a co-chair of the Social Media Committee of AMWA, and am very proud to be an AMWA Fellow. I contribute as a creative team member at Debbie Hodge’s Get It Scrapped.com, and I tell more stories on my personal blog – Karen’s Corner of the Web.

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