Jane Petro, MD

I have been both an academic plastic surgeon and a social activist. During the 1980’s I was the chief of the HIV surgical service, caring for patients no one else wished to see. I served on the board of trustees of My Sisters’ Place, a program for battered women, while acting as an expert witness for battered women and children in concert with DA’s offices in Westchester, Bronx and Long Island. I was president, during the 1990’s of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and was active in AMWA’s pro-choice campaigns and in recent years have been president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. As a Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College, I was privileged to teach students from around the world about burns, microsurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. My beloved hobby, sailing, has literally taken me around the world. My wife, Carolyn B Becker, MD, is an endocrinologist who has supported my peripatetic career gracefully. Our son, Noah Petro is a scientist with the moon program at the Goddard Space Center. He and his wife have given us two wonderful grandchildren. It has been a lucky life and satisfying career.

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