Shilpa Darivemula

Shilpa Darivemula is a third year student at Albany Medical College. Shilpa graduated from the Leadership in Medicine Program with a degree in Spanish and Biology from Union College and Masters of Science in Clinical Leadership from Clarkson University. She has studied Kuchipudi classical dance at the Kalanidhi School in Besthesda, MD and Academy of Kuchipudi Dance in Atlanta, GA. Her passion is exploring the intersectionality of medicine with the arts, particularly with traditional dances. After finishing college, she traveled to various communities as a Thomas Watson Fellow studying the inherent systems of holistic healing within global traditional dance cultures and how these cultures were evolving with the introduction of modern medicine. Currently, Shilpa is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Aseemkala Initiative, an incubator that merges Kuchipudi classical dance with stories from medicine, serves as the 2016-2017 American Medical Women?s Association?s Artist-in-Residence, and runs a program called Artspace for medical students to express their creative sides in monthly art workshops.

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