Deborah Munhoz MS, PCC


Deborah Munhoz MS, PCC, is a Certified Physician Development Coach™, who provides leadership coaching and training for physicians and their healthcare organizations. Her mission is to create a world where women physicians are valued and appreciated for their role in healthcare leadership.

Deborah’s coaching focuses on both the mindset and skills required for greater confidence, collaboration and influence. In addition to coaching, she facilitates Women’s Physicians Circles to build support and community among women in medicine across the nation.

Deborah earned her Master’s Degree in Health Sciences Administration. She owned and operated a successful home infusion pharmacy for 18 years prior to starting her coaching practice in 2002.

Deborah’s clients include Kaiser Permanente, Hospital Corporation of America, Intermountain Healthcare, Inc., The Hospitalist Company, University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical School, Oregon Health Sciences University & Medical School, and River Bend Medical Center.

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