Tracy D. Gunter, MD

gunter Dr. Gunter is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine, and Adjunct Professor at the IU McKinney School of Law. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine where she also completed training in general and forensic psychiatry. She became interested in practice standards and legal regulation of medicine early in her career and began evaluating and treating medical providers in 2000 as a faculty member at the University of South Carolina.In 2003, she joined the faculty of the University of Iowa and developed a research line in behavioral genetics in the genesis and maintenance of externalizing disorders of adulthood in offenders. She authored papers on suicidal behaviors in this high-risk population during her time at St Louis University and Indiana University. Most recently she has worked in the area of physician suicide prevention at Indiana University and focuses on risk factor assessment as well as program development.

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