AMWA Physician Coaching Groups

In recognition of common work/life challenges, AMWA convenes facilitated coaching groups to provide women physicians with the opportunity to gain insights and develop strategies so you can manage with greater ease. Coaching groups also provide the added benefit of a natural setting to share and gain the support of other women physicians just like you.

Participants in group coaching programs are eligible to earn up to 6 continuing education credits.

AMWA is offering two Topic-focused Coaching Groups: Physicians with Young Families and Physician Fertility Challenges as well as monthly workshops.

Physicians with Young Families

Are you trying to juggle your challenging career as a physician alongside your role as a parent?

This group brings together physician moms in a safe space where you can learn, share your experiences, and grow together. Given how busy you are, the chance to really connect is especially precious. You will build a community of support for yourself that may continue long after the program finishes.

AMWA offers a 6-session facilitated discussion group for women physicians with babies and/or young children who are seeking strategies and insights to better manage a demanding career and busy family life with greater ease.  The next cohort in early Fall 2023. Enroll now to reserve a spot!


Physician Fertility Coaching

Gain Insights, Comfort, and Control While Dealing with Infertility

The AMWA Fertility Coaching Group is offered to provide women physicians who are facing fertility treatment a safe space to gain clarity, understanding, and peace throughout this journey.

Participating in a facilitated coaching group can help you set reasonable expectations, reflect on grief and loss, and learn about beneficial resources to ease the decision-making and restore a sense of control in a process in which you are likely to feel that you have little influence over the process. While undergoing fertility treatments, you will find yourself in the role of a patient, which can be disquieting.



AMWA Physician Coaches are in the process of developing interactive programs aimed to engage members in topics that will help revitalize and fortify you.