AMWA Professional Physician Coaching

Experience the Benefits of Physician Coaching

Professional coaching is recognized and valued in many professions as an effective tool for people to align themselves with their strengths and passions, learn new skills, and develop plans to achieve career goals. By taking the step to work with a coach, you are affirming:

  • You are worth investing in yourself
  • Your dreams and goals are valid and important
  • You have a guide to attain your intentions so you don’t have to figure it out alone

Coaching offers women physicians a way to reconnect your values to your work, to discover new and more effective ways of achieving what you want, to have more impact, to fulfill your aspirations, and arrive at a place in which you feel professionally satisfied.

The corporate world has estimated that the ROI (return on investment) of 1:1 professional coaching is up to 700%.  — Matt Symonds

Unlike therapy, effective professional coaching does not have a predetermined agenda or make any presumptions about your needs.

What coaching can do:

  • Help you to focus on bringing out the best qualities of yourself personally and professionally
  • Allow space to reassess your career choice and find greater professional fulfillment
  • Enable you to recognize and tackle signs of burnout or gain confidence in returning to work
  • Address an issue that has had you stalled and help provide a wonderful way to move forward

Join the Coaching Working Group

1:1 Coaching Directory

AMWA offers individual professional coaching. Take advantage of this invaluable member benefit to facilitate professional growth, improve work/life satisfaction, and gain strategies to address personal challenges.

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Group Coaching

Groups bring physicians together around a common concern. Gain insights by participating in facilitated coaching sessions while learning with and from colleagues on topics such as parenting young children, (in)fertility, and human trafficking.

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For Coaches

AMWA welcomes physician coaches who want to lead a group, suggest a program, offer 1:1 coaching, and/or join the Coaching Interest Group. If you are new to AMWA or ready to participate.


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