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AMWA Member Spotlight – Siatta Dunbar, DO

Siatta Dunbar, DO

Specialty: Family Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Sports Medicine

How do you use lifestyle medicine to improve patient care?

I provide individual lifestyle medicine consultations where I review current medical, social and family history alongside a detailed lifestyle history. With that, I create an individualized WellbeingRx showing recommendations across all 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine. Additionally, for those interested, I run a group based lifestyle medicine program outlining the 6 pillars and how they can be used to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

How do you use lifestyle medicine to enhance clinical wellbeing?

Starting my own lifestyle medicine focused practice, Saravit Wellness, has restored my passion for being a physician. It allows me to create a meaningful relationship with my clients, develop a collaborative treatment plan and one that focused on returning power back to my clients as they truly are the ones in charge of their health.

What is a tip to help jumpstart lifestyle medicine changes?

Create a LM toolkit to make it easier for physicians that want to deliver lifestyle medicine outside of traditional healthcare.  Include access to vetted professionals that provide legal assistance (contracts, business docs), liability insurance and marketing.


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