AMWA Leadership Development

Inspiring Women in Medicine to Attain Leadership, Equity, Advancement,

and Professional Growth at Every Stage of Their Career


AMWA presents a selection of opportunities to assure you feel supported and can rise at a pace and a level that feels right for you along your professional journey. Our leadership programs and leader roles will position you to gain the confidence to lead with insight and competence. When you embrace continual professional development, you are assured of meeting your full potential, gaining recognition for your efforts, and settings yourself apart as an effective, preferred leader. We offer competency-building programs and leadership positions to support you in attaining career satisfaction and equity throughout your career.

 Fulfill Your Leadership Potential

Enroll in a Leadership Program

AMWA offers 3 programs for women physicians to achieve leadership development and growth: AMWA ELEVATE, AMWA EVOLVE, and KORN FERRY U.

  • Through AMWA Leadership Programs, you will:
  • Increase your self-worth and set you up for career advancement and promotion
  • Enhance your visibility and elevates your recognition among peers, within your institution, and nationally
  • Build competency in areas specific to the needs of women physicians
    • AMWA ELEVATECertificate in Leadership Fundamentals for Women Physicians

      A 6-month, competency-focused coaching intensive program to foster a more diverse pool of women physicians in medicine  to lead effectively and with confidence.

    • AMWA EVOLVE—Certificate in Leadership Elementals for Women Residents and Fellows

      This 8-month program addresses common obstacles often faced by women trainees and will prepare you to lead with assurance through consideration of carefully curated competencies that will give you insights to empower you to be a more effective leader.

    • KORN FERRY FOUNDATION Leadership U for Humanity

      This is a 6-month course designed to reflect six principles of leadership: Anticipating Forward, Navigating, Communication, Listening, Learning to be Open, and having the Courage to Lead in today’s challenging world. Fully funded by Korn Ferry Foundation and free to AMWA members.

More Opportunities to Develop Your Leadership Potential

    • AMWA IGNITE (Medical Students)

      A development program in partnership with IGNITE MED covering invaluable skills that are not part of the typical medical curriculum that go beyond clinical training so women in medicine are better prepared to more forward with self-assurance.

Be a Leader in AMWA

AMWA encourages women physicians to assume leadership roles in all levels of the organization as both a means of advancement and a gratifying way to give back.

Positions range from committee chairs and regional directors to division leaders, mentors, officers, and board of directors representation. Learn about our many leadership opportunities.

Build Your Leadership Skills Through AMWA

AMWA members can access Diversity Science e-courses through a special program within AMWA and gain skills to overcome implicit bias and become a more inclusive leader. Workshops on influence skills, empathy, and communication and elective leadership modules enhance professional development as well. And finally, discover the power of coaching to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

 AMWA seeks to expand offerings and opportunities that advance women physicians as leaders. Our goal is to meet you wherever you are in your career and help you fulfill your professional aspirations.


Tap into one of AMWA’s greatest resources – mentoring. The diversity of our community is one of our greatest assets, creating opportunities to learn from one another and form meaningful connections. Most women physicians will say that they wouldn’t be where they are today had they not had support and encouragement along the way. In fact, many AMWA members achieve success and find career satisfaction because they’ve been fortunate to find a mentor or sponsor within AMWA who provided critical insights at just the right time. Access our mentoring platform.


Professional coaching is recognized and valued in many professions as an effective tool for people to align themselves with their strengths and passions, learn new skills, and develop plans to achieve career goals. By taking the step to work with a coach, you are affirming. Coaching offers women physicians a way to reconnect your values to their work, to discover new and more effective ways of achieving what they want, to have more impact, to fulfill your aspirations, and arrive at a place in which you feel professionally satisfied. Learn about AMWA coaching programs.

Expand Your Career Potential. Consider New Possibilities.