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AMWA Leader Dr. Saralyn Mark Speaks Out on COVID-19

Saralyn Mark, MD, women’s health expert and a tireless spokesperson on COVID-19 for the American Medical Women’s Association delivers a scientific voice of reason to clarity all matters arising from the coronovirus pandemic.

Dr. Mark wants every health professional to join her in advocating for Everyone to Wear a Mask. She offers the following commentary—Just Cover Up— to provide a basis for her call-to-action regarding this evolving medical crisis.

I’m having deja vu to my days as a medical student at Bellevue/NYU and a resident and fellow at San Francisco General/UCSF in the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

So much we didn’t know. Patients presenting with an acute illness to then feel better, but still be infectious, to then a chronic infection and full blown AIDS and immunosuppression. The meds, and some at too high doses, causing severe side effects and the belief that a vaccine was around the corner. Packed HIV clinics and hospital admissions for AIDS complications were a significant part of my training. We tried to educate the public and our peers about safe practices and to mitigate fear and prejudice which was a huge challenge. I recall hearing Dr. Fauci share these messages.

Chronic COVID symptoms such as  shortness of breath, chest pain, body aches, fatigue, rashes, memory impairment, among others—could be a very serious consequence of infection for people of all ages—is to due to reactivation of the virus or an immune reaction on overdrive? We need to do a better job today of educating the public that as information evolves, our policies and practices need to adapt.

Bottom line-we have the facts on an issue now—masks/face coverings work for all of us. Perhaps if people fear disability for a long time or the rest of their lives-they will ACT UP and COVER UP now.

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About Dr. Mark:

Saralyn Mark, MD, is a world-renowned expert in women’s health,  an endocrinologist and geriatrician who serves as the American Medical Women’s Association spokesperson on Covid-19. Positions held: She is an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine in the departments of internal medicine and obstetrics and gynecology. She is founder and president of iGIANT® (impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies), a nonprofit organization established to accelerate the translation of research into sex-specific design elements such as products, programs, policies and protocols in the health, IT, transportation and retail sectors; and, founder, president, and as chief executive officer of SolaMed Solutions, LLC, a premier consulting firm focused creating partnerships to advance collaboration between health and innovation, she has served as a science advisor for four presidential administrations.

Dr. Mark was the first senior medical advisor to the Office on Women’s Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. She designed the first women’s health fellowship in the US, helped create the National Centers of Leadership in Academic Medicine, the National Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health, and landmark educational campaigns on critical health issues. She has published and delivered over 600 lectures and is a frequent health media expert. Dr. Mark works with agencies, academia, industry, and NGOs around the globe. Dr. Mark has served as a women’s medicine policy advisor to NASA, and other organizations dedicated to improving health on earth and in space. She is author of Stellar Medicine: A Journey Through the Universe of Women’s Health.

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