AMWA ELEVATE Leadership Elective Modules

The AMWA ELEVATE Leadership Program produces a series of enduring ELEVATE ELECTIVES to meet the needs of women physicians as lifelong learners. In this way, you may choose to gain leadership intentionally through these independent, on-demand courses. And, should you decide to enroll in AMWA ELEVATE, the fee you invest in the ELEVATE Leadership Electives can be applied to the certification course fee. These leadership modules offer an opportunity for you to invest in yourself now and to make your leadership learning pay forward.                           _______________________________________________________________________

ELECTIVE 1: Learn Your Way Around Contract Negotiation

Faculty: Janell Gaudin, Esq
Janell is a healthcare and business attorney with a private practice in New Orleans.  She represents many women in the healthcare realm, including physicians, therapists, nurses, and artists. In addition to individual client advocacy, Janell has been the chief operating officer of a large healthcare organization. She specializes in contract negotiation, business development and regulatory compliance planning for healthcare organizations.
From your first job to your last, if you are employed by an institution, clinic, or organization, you will have to sign an employment contract. Gain the advantage by knowing your way around a contract, what to ask for, and how to negotiate to assure you are protected.

Course Goals:

  1. Identify the main employment issues that often arise for women physicians in the workplace
  2. Gain a basic understanding of how contract negotiations work and how to put a contract in place to protect you in these areas.
  3. Provide guidance on how to proceed in whatever phase of contract negotiation you are in to facilitate growth and forward career movement.

Course Outline: Janell will discuss how to approach contract negotiation and review hot button issues that affect women physicians most when facing a new contract including gender pay gap, ancillary benefits, non-compete and termination clauses, on-call provisions, benefits, termination clauses and other important issues to contract around (ie, support staff).


ELECTIVE 2:  Overcoming Financial Fears—Tackling Debt, Building Equity

Faculty: Jenifer Sapel, ChFC, WMCP
Jenifer is the chief executive officer of Utor Wealth. She has been a financial services professional for almost 20 years, serving clients and advising at Fortune 50 companies, and now working independently at her own firm. She appreciates that while our financial system is complex, your relationship to your financial health doesn’t have to be. She holds two designations: Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and a Wealth Management Certified professional (WMCP).

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine where debt falls in your overall financial strategy.
  • Develop confidence around money and investing so you can participate in setting financial priorities and making financial decisions.
  • Identify the two key financial metrics to lessen the noise and confusion about saving vs spending money _______________________________________________________________________

ELECTIVE 3: Applying Mindfulness in Medicine to Achieve Nonjudgemental Leadership

Faculty: Marion M. McCrary, MD, PACP, NBC-HWC
Dr. McCrary is not only an internist at Duke Signature Care and a national board-certified health & wellness Coach, she is an AMWA ELEVATE Group Coach.
Goal: Expand your perception of mindfulness to
  • Introduce the 5 keys to emphatic listening and nonviolent conversations
  • Cultivate self-awareness to help set priorities, determine boundaries, and minimize distractions
  • Explore the benefits of meditation and consider options to enhance focus.
Elective length: 66 minutes