AMWA ELEVATE Leadership Modules

The AMWA ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership focuses on nine (9) core competencies deemed essential for every leader.  Each module is presented by a certified professional leadership coach who will lead the group through the concepts and guide practice in small groups.

  1. What Is Your Why?
    Align your decision-making with your Why and your values.

  2. Discovering Your Leadership Style
    Create a leadership goal that aligns with your leadership style.

  3. Inviting Mentorship, Sponsorship and Networking
    Discuss ways in which you can make the most of your current network of contacts and learn to cultivate a more diverse community who will foster your development.

  4. Boosting Emotional Intelligence
    Gain an awareness of “emotional intelligence” and the strategies to apply EI so as to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

  5. Enhancing Self-Confidence & Addressing Doubt
    Overcome your inner critic and the imposter phenomenon.

  6. Creating Boundaries, Self-Care, Work-Life Integration
    Appreciate the crucial influence that your overall well-being, work-life integration, self-care, and self-compassion can have on your effectiveness as a leader. We will consider the importance of having boundaries as a woman, a physician, and a grounded leader.

  7. Attending to Implicit Bias
    Increase awareness of your susceptibility to implicit bias and to understand how these biases can affect your professional interactions as a leader.

  8. Guiding Difficult Conversations and Conflict Competence
    The goal of this module is to overcome fear of conflict and feel confident in preparing for and having difficult conversations.

  9. Navigating the Next Step In Your Leadership Journey
    Identify your leadership goals and gain strategies for rising into your next step as a leader.