AMWA ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership for Women Physicians

Expand Your Career Potential. Consider New Possibilities.
Realize Your Fully Satisfying Purpose.

The AMWA ELEVATE is designed for women physicians seeking career satisfaction and advancement in medicine and healthcare. This 6-month, multifaceted, competency-focused program will position you to achieve the recognition you deserve and the confidence to seek out and accept opportunities as a confident and effective leader.

AMWA Elevate—Certificate in Leadership Fundamentals-1 for Women Physicians is the right answer for anyone who is ready and open to enhancing the leader within through skills-building and deeper insights. AMWA launched this leadership program to invite a more diverse pool of women physicians to excel as leaders. Participants will be prepared to accept opportunities with confidence and to seek positions that fulfill individual aspirations.


Fundamentals-1 will Begin in September

Register Now. Application Deadline is August 15

Course Fee: $3400 (AMWA members)*; $4500 (non-members)
[Retail value estimated at $12500]
Cost should not preclude participation so consider applying for an AMWA Leadership Diversity grant

Choice of Course dates:
Fridays @ 8 am PT
[9/16; 10/14; 11/18; 12/9; 1/20; 2/10]
Saturdays @ 7 am PT [9/17; 10/15; 11/19; 12/10; 1/21; 2/11]

Graduation and Alumni Networking is planned for March 23 just prior to the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia

In the Meantime, Expand Your Leadership Skills with AMWA  On-Demand Electives

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Program Director: Tamara Chang, MD
Program Associate Directors: Pamela  Ludmer, MD, MMEL and Teresa Malcolm, MD, MBA, CPE
Program Manager: Jodi Godfrey, MS, RDN, AMWA Deputy Director

 Program Partner

National Hispanic Medical Association


Founding Program Sponsor

Benefits of Participation

In choosing to join the AMWA ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership Fundamentals, you will gain strategies to leverage your strengths during challenging and optimal times, learn to achieve recognition and embrace advancement, conduct crucial conversations, and become an influencer in medicine. Since you are here, you are demonstrating a readiness to make your professional mark. This program positions women physicians to diversity the current leadership pool in medicine and across health care.

Are you ready to:

  • Bring a sense of purpose?
  • Relish the opportunity to elicit the best from others?
  • Contribute to a healthier, more receptive work environment?
  • Make a positive impact as a leader?

By participating in AMWA ELEVATE, you are giving yourself the opportunity to capitalize on your strengths, stretch your capabilities, and build more confidence as you fulfill your potential as a leader.

AMWA ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership Fundamentals is a 6-month program of competency-building modules, small group professional coaching (facilitated discussion) groups, peer mastermind sessions, individual professional coaching, and the development of a Leadership Portfolio. This course intends to meet AMWA members’ desire for a comprehensive, accessible, and affordable skill-based course.

Where Do You Stand in Your Professional Evolution?

By committing to AMWA ELEVATE,  you will gain a greater understanding and self-awareness of your strengths and areas of opportunity for focused growth. This Leadership Certification Course is designed to support critical skills development in 12 core competencies, proficiency in areas of targeted individual need, and the opportunity for feedback and reflection.

Innovative Elements of AMWA ELEVATE:

  • Targeted Modules: On-Demand presentations focus on core competencies deemed essential for every leader.
  • ELEVATE Reflection Workbook: Accompanying each module is a learner guide with reflective prompts to assure participants are able to internalize the competency topic.
  • Small-Group Coaching: You will work with a certified professional leadership coach who will guide your development in a setting that guides you to internalize new concepts and personalize your style and skills with feedback and practice among peers.
  • Leadership Intensive Portfolio: This portfolio will pre- and post-assessments, encompass monthly reflections, identifying your leadership style, stating your Why, and connecting with a sponsor. These elements will be the basis for a demonstration project to illustrate your evolution and growth as a competent lead.
  • Monthly Mastermind peer workgroups
  • Personal (1:1) Coaching: To accelerate individual advancement and augment leadership-building, the AMWA LEADS Leadership Certification program incorporates monthly one-to-one professional leadership coaching to attain the highest level of individualized insight and growth. The value of one-on-one, personalized coaching is invaluable and a worthy personal investment that will allow each person to explore areas to achieve individually focused growth.
  • Reflection-based CME. You’ll have the potential to earn up to 18 Reflection Response credits.

To earn an AMWA ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership for Women Physicians, participants must view all modules, be present in small group discussions, attend the peer group sessions, complete the Leadership Portfolio.


The cost of the course, which includes access to all on-demand modules, facilitated group exploration, a guided workbook, and network-building sessions is $3,400 for AMWA members ($4500 non-members). To gain the fullest experience, 1:1 leadership coaching (individualized, focused monthly coaching sessions with a dedicated coach) assures the fullest growth. (The full retail value of this year-long certification program is estimated more than $12800.


Ultimately, AMWA ELEVATE will offer courses at three levels:

1. Fundamentals Series 1

2. Fundamental Series 2



Focus on a deeper exploration into your leadership style and purpose. Aimed to expand your capacity for growth once you’ve had some leadership experience and are ready to advance professionally. Course content will be explored in small group coaching sessions to elicit vital feedback through experiential, interactive simulations, discussion, and considerations of personal style. 

Please direct any questions to: