AMWA ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership for Women Physicians

Expand Your Career Potential. Consider New Possibilities.
Realize Your Fully Satisfying Purpose.

Invest In Yourself, and Accelerate Your Career Development 

ELEVATE Certificate in Leadership is a dynamic, one-of-a-kind leadership
coaching program designed to meet the specific needs of women physicians.

Next Cohort Begins Fall 2024


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Innovative Elements of AMWA ELEVATE:

  • Targeted Modules: On-Demand presentations focus on nine (9) core competencies deemed essential for every leader.
  • ELEVATE Reflection Workbook: Accompanying each module is a learner guide with reflective prompts to assure participants are able to internalize the competency topic.
  • Small-Group Coaching: You will work with a certified professional leadership coach who will guide your development in a setting that guides you to internalize new concepts and personalize your style and skills with feedback and practice among peers.
  • Leadership Intensive Portfolio: This portfolio will pre- and post-assessments, encompass monthly reflections, identifying your leadership style, stating your Why, and connecting with a sponsor. These elements will be the basis for a demonstration project to illustrate your evolution and growth as a competent lead.
  • Mastermind peer workgroups. These three (3) sessions encourage deeper discussion and personal exploration of competency topics.
  • Personal (1:1) Coaching: To accelerate individual advancement and augment leadership-building, the AMWA LEADS Leadership Certification program incorporates monthly one-to-one professional leadership coaching to attain the highest level of individualized insight and growth. The value of one-on-one, personalized coaching is invaluable and a worthy personal investment that will allow each person to explore areas to achieve individually focused growth.
  • Reflection-based Continuing Education credits. You’ll have the potential to earn up to 19 credits powered by CMEfy

By joining AMWA ELEVATE, you are giving yourself the opportunity to capitalize on your strengths, stretch your capabilities, and build more confidence as you fulfill your potential as a physician leader.

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Innovative. Dynamic. Multifaceted.

• Leadership Coaching-Group & Individual
• Mastermind sessions to expand your awareness
• Insights that speak to the leader within
• Women Physician Leaders from every healthcare environment

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Program Fees:

$4,500  $4,050 before MAY 12
The course fee is inclusive of six 1:1 leadership coaching sessions.
You may option to participate without individual coaching at $2,850. $2,400 before MAY 12.


Payments may be split between 2024 and 2025. For payment plan requests, contact
*If you are not eligible for institutional reimbursement, you may apply for a leadership grant to lower the program fee

Program Dates:

2024 Dates Coming Soon!


Let the experience of past AMWA ELEVATE participants speak to the value of this program

“I was walking around in a fog not clear in my goals or boundaries. Having clarity about where I’m going and remembering that I need to stick to what serves my goals and objectives was my number one takeaway.”

~ Lina Millan, MD, Associate Professor at the Medical College of Georgia.
“ELEVATE was my first leadership course. I was so impressed with the depth of knowledge I gained. And even though I’ve held many leadership roles, I’ve never had any training. I’m far better able to lead and serve because I have all of the tools now. I feel like a rockstar thanks to ELEVATE.”

~ Simone Wildes, MD, Vice Chair of Infection Prevention Committee at Tufts University School of Medicine
“We had a challenging year at my clinic and ELEVATE became my spine and caused me to really think about who I am. This program is helping me go to the next level both professionally and personally in interactions with people.”

~ Monica Abbi, MD, is a primary care physicians with at MultiCare Health System

Where Do You Stand in Your Professional Evolution?

By committing to AMWA ELEVATE,  you will gain a greater understanding and self-awareness of your strengths and areas of opportunity for focused growth. This Leadership Certification Course is designed to support critical skills development in 9 core competencies, proficiency in areas of targeted individual need, and the opportunity for feedback and reflection.

Module Topics

  1. What Is Your Why?
    Align your decision-making with your Why and your values.
  2. Discovering Your Leadership Style
    Create a leadership goal that aligns with your leadership style.
  3. Mentorship, Sponsorship and Networking
    Discuss ways in which you can make the most of your current network of contacts and learn to cultivate a more diverse community who will foster your development.
  4. Emotional Intelligence
    Gain an awareness of “emotional intelligence” and the strategies to apply EI so as to enhance your effectiveness as a leader.
  5. Self-Confidence, Doubt, & Imposter Syndrome
    Overcome your inner critic.
  6. Creating Boundaries, Self-Care, Work-Life Integration
    Appreciate the crucial influence that your overall well-being, work-life integration, self-care, and self-compassion can have on your effectiveness as a leader. We will consider the importance of having boundaries as a woman, a physician, and a grounded leader.
  7. Implicit Bias
    Increase awareness of your susceptibility to implicit bias and to understand how these biases can affect your professional interactions as a leader.
  8. Difficult Conversations and Conflict Competence
    The goal of this module is to overcome fear of conflict and feel confident in preparing for and having difficult conversations.
  9. Navigating the Next Step In Your Leadership Journey
    Identify your leadership goals and gain strategies for rising into your next step as a leader.


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