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AMWA Centennial Interview Series: Dr. Batchelor

Written by: Anam Khaja

Dr. Allison Batchelor is a geriatrician located in Ohio. She currently works as a community physician, but previously was a faculty member at Ohio University for 15 years. She graduated from the Medical College of Ohio Toledo in 1985, where women made up about 1/3 of her class. She completed her residency in internal medicine at Brown University and then went on to complete a fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Connecticut. As a medical student, she was the national student coordinator of AMWA in 1984 and was previously actively involved since her first year.

Dr. Batchelor credits AMWA as being a great source of support during her medical training. She hopes to restart the journal of AMWA (JAMWA) in the near future so that students, residents, and physicians can have an outlet for their thoughts. She states that the most memorable aspect of her career has been the continuity of care that she has been able to provide her patients with throughout the decades and the fact that many of her patients have followed her throughout her journey. She says that this is rewarding and really makes her feel like her efforts matter and make a difference. When asked if she would do it all over again, she replied yes. Dr. Batchelor’s parting words of advice were to make sure to have social support network.

Cherilyn Cecchini

Cherilyn is proud to serve as the National AMWA Blog Coordinator this year. She is currently a fourth year medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Cherilyn recently served as co-president of her local Jefferson AMWA branch. In addition, she was chosen as National Secretary of the AMWA Student Division the year before last. She feels strongly about advancing women's health and is extremely thankful for both the networking and scholastic opportunities that AMWA continues to offer.

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