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Boundaries for Women Physicians: Love Your Life and Career in Medicine

By Tamara Chang, MD

Are you a woman physician who struggles to say “no”? Do you feel overwhelmed by the needs of your patients, staff, colleagues, family, and everyone else? Are you so exhausted and burned out that you contemplate cutting back or quitting your medical career? If so, Boundaries for Women Physicians: Love Your Life and Career in Medicine,—published in February 2022— is a must-read for you.

AMWA ELEVATE Program Director, Dr. Tamara (Tammie) Chang, a practicing pediatric hematologist/oncologist, best-selling author, and certified executive women physician leadership coach, shares valuable, practical advice on how to thrive as a woman physician. In brief and focused chapters, Dr. Chang provides honest, loving insights into the universal struggles faced by female doctors today through the example of three relatable women physicians and reveals how women can set boundaries to prioritize their own well-being. Dr. Chang shows how, from this place of strength, women physicians have the power to not only survive but also thrive and love their lives, creating joy from the inside out.

In the book, you will learn about the necessity of establishing boundaries. and how to set boundaries at work and at home.

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