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Amelia Swanson, PhD

Dr. Swanson counsels women in medicine facing infertility challenges.

Amelia Swanson, PhD, Reproductive Psychotherapist

Amelia Swanson, PhD, is an assistant professor of clinical obstetrics & gynecology and psychiatry at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Dr. Swanson is a licensed psychologist specializing in women’s reproductive health. She participated in the AMWA Fertility Conference 2020 because she recognizes that navigating the process of building a family can be especially stressful for women physicians who are also considering their professional development and responsibilities.

It’s important to have personal and professional support around decisions about timing, prioritization, and communication relating to family building.

After completing her doctorate, she completed postdoctoral training in Integrated Primary Care across the lifespan at Harvard Medical School/Cambridge Health Alliance in Cambridge, MA. In 2016, Dr. Swanson joined the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Medical School/UMASS Memorial Medical Center as an attending Health Psychologist on the Consultation/Liaison service. She provided treatment to patients across two hospitals as well as taught psychology and medical trainees about psychological aspects of complex medical issues. Dr. Swanson joined the faculty of Northwestern in 2018 to provide consultation as well as individual and couples psychotherapy for infertility and other reproductive concerns. She also conducts research on the psychological aspects of medical issues. Dr. Swanson has a particular focus on how patients are resilient in the face of medical challenges such as infertility and find meaning and purpose in their life while struggling with infertility.


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