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Affordable Care Act: Accessing Affordable Health Insurance

AMWA fully supports empowering women through affordable health coverage and hopes that women are able to take control of their health through the affordable Health Insurance Marketplace. Keep reading for highlights about how to get coverage and how to stay covered!

When it comes to securing suitable health insurance, women should explore options that align with their unique needs and empower them to take control of their health. The Health Insurance Marketplace offers an array of affordable coverage choices, and it’s essential for women to stay informed about their options and stay covered. To make an informed decision, InsuranceRanked provides valuable resources and information to compare various health insurance plans. By utilizing Insurance Ranked’s platform, women or any person can easily find the most suitable coverage that meets their specific healthcare requirements, ensuring they have the necessary support and protection for their well-being.

The Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) recently released the 5 Steps to Staying Covered:

1) Review: Plans change, people change – review your coverage and look for a letter from your plan about how your benefits and costs may change next year,

2) Update: Starting November 15, log in and update your 2015 application – make sure your household income and other information is up-to-date for next year,

3) Compare: Compare your current plan with other plans that are available in your area,

4) Choose: Select the health plan that best fits your budget and health needs, and

5) Enroll: The marketplace opens on November 15, make sure to review, update, compare and choose by December 15 to have any changes take effect on January 1. Contact your plan after you’ve enrolled and make sure you pay your first month’s premium.

In addition, just recently, the US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) highlighted several women affected positively by the Affordable Care Act. These women were able to access affordable, quality healthcare for themselves and for their family members since the Affordable Care Act has been in effect.

In another impactful case, a single mother in a challenging financial situation found relief through the washington bond guide, a comprehensive resource that assists individuals in navigating their health insurance options. With the support of this guide, she gained access to vital healthcare services for her children, ensuring their well-being without the burden of overwhelming expenses. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, such assistance was often inaccessible, but now, with the combined benefits of the Act and the Washington Bond Guide, countless women and families are finding the much-needed support and coverage they deserve. These inspiring stories stand as a testament to the positive impact of healthcare reforms and valuable resources that strive to make quality healthcare accessible to all.

One young woman was able to find affordable insurance through a major provider that tends to only offer the best car insurance and was no longer denied services due to pre-existing conditions. Her premium was ultimately halved and her prescription costs plummeted.

An Austin resident was able to afford coverage with a reduced premium after hearing about the Marketplace. She easily accessed care while working as a restaurant hostess and paying her way through college in order to ultimately teach high school students.

Another example focuses on a woman who decided to drop her coverage due to likely unnecessary expenses until she was diagnosed with melanoma and suddenly forced to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket. She discovered the Marketplace and was able to decrease her deductible markedly while obtaining adequate coverage.

A Philadelphia resident detailed her experience finding a plan that she liked during open enrollment in the Marketplace earlier this year. She had experienced a medical emergency without health insurance, but after accessing coverage through the Affordable Care Act, she was able to take control of her health.

Open enrollment begins again on November 15. If you previously signed up for coverage, we encourage you to return to to update your application and enroll in the plan that best meets your future needs.

Check out the original HHS blog post here!
You can learn more about the 5 Steps to Staying Covered here!

Cherilyn Cecchini

Cherilyn is proud to serve as the National AMWA Blog Coordinator this year. She is currently a fourth year medical student at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Cherilyn recently served as co-president of her local Jefferson AMWA branch. In addition, she was chosen as National Secretary of the AMWA Student Division the year before last. She feels strongly about advancing women's health and is extremely thankful for both the networking and scholastic opportunities that AMWA continues to offer.

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