Start a Local Physician/Resident Branch

Create a Local Community of AMWA Physicians. Enjoy the Benefits of camaraderie, Build connections, Become a Local Leader. . Build a local network within your institution as a worthy extension of your AMWA national membership. Branches can apply for event funding, and all branch members get discounted AMWA membership!

Learn What It Takes to Set Up a Physician Branch in 7 Easy Steps!

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All you need to begin a local branch of AMWA is five national members. We provide all the tools you need to guide your through the process of setting a branch up.
The Branch Affiliation Letter outlines the information you’ll need to know to get started and summarizes the 7 simple steps below.

  1. Do you plan to have financial transactions?  If no, go to step 2. If yes, complete the following:
    • Apply for an IRS tax ID number (EIN). You will need at least 3 officers and a contact address. When completed, you should receive an IRS letter designating the branch as an “Unincorporated Association,” (i.e. the branch is not trying to make a profit and the only income is through dues and fundraising). The IRS letter is presented to the bank to open an account under the EIN. You also need to complete a W-9. (In box 1 list American Medical Women’s Association [+ Branch Name]. In box 3, check “Other” and note that the branch is an unincorporated association. In part 1, list the branch EIN and contact address.)
    • If the branch wishes to be incorporated, you may apply within your state. Draw up articles of incorporation, by-laws, and a conflict of interest policy. Select a board of directors. Check additional state specific requirements.
    • Request group exemption under AMWA’s tax-exemption or apply separately for your EIN. Sample Group Exemption Request Letter. File for state tax exemption if needed and any other forms required by your state.
  2. Complete the AMWA Branch Affiliation Agreement.
  3. Complete the Branch Affiliation Information Sheet.
  4. Develop by-laws and select officers. [Bylaws Template]
  5. Fill out the list of your members. [XLS].
  6. Hold a meeting for initial board motions to adopt by-laws and conflict of interest policy and make decisions on the budget, fiscal year, and tax-exemption status.
  7. Submit documents from #2-5 and if applicable, the request for group exemption, to

Every year:

  1. Submit the Branch Annual Report Form to
  2. File the 990 or 990 EZ with the IRS if you have an EIN.
  3. Maintain conflict of interest policy documents for leadership.

Branch Benefits

  • MEMBERS GET DISCOUNTED AMWA MEMBERSHIP (up to $75 off regular prices).
    • If you take advantage of the group exemption under National AMWA’s tax-exemption, you can fundraise for your branch.

Help as You Start Your New Branch

Need help? E-mail
Need ideas? Get your branch involved in one of AMWA’s many initiatives or reach out to your local regional governor.
Residents, check out this Branch Starter Kit to get you started.

Ideas for Your Next Branch Event!

Connect Locally and Nationally

AMWA offers many opportunities for you to advance your career.  As you connect with our online communities, you will identify colleagues with skills you hope to learn or job positions you hope to obtain. Connect with these women and learn from them.  You can sign up to provide or receive mentoring in our member database or email Your relationships within AMWA can lead to speaking engagements, mentoring relationships, leadership opportunities and job positions. Do not forget to attend our largest networking event of the year the AMWA National Meeting.

You can also connect with the local AMWA resident, medical student, or premedical branch in your area. They have varied programs from participating in local 10k races, helping at women’s shelters, participating in book clubs, and hosting networking events. These future doctors will energize you.