Stress around personal finance contributes to physician burn out.  AMWA has partnered with Jen Sapel of Utor Wealth to empower AMWA members in their personal financial journey.  Here’s some information to start.

The good:

The bad:

The ugly:

The time to take control of your financial situation is now and it is less complex than you may think.  Money, like a scalpel, is a very effective tool.  It can be dangerous in the wrong hands, but for those who are proficient and knowledgeable, it can do an immense amount of good.

Wealth Steps is a webinar series provided by Utor Wealth which walks through a step by step plan to financial freedom.  Complimentary one-on-one consultations are available for AMWA members within the US.  Take advantage of this wonderful member benefit.


Wealth Steps 1:  Protect Your Todays
Wealth Steps 2:  World Class Savings
Wealth Steps 3:  Where to Save/Invest
Wealth Steps 4:  Living Debt Free
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Money seems to consistently be a top source of stress for Americans today, according to the American Psychological Association it is among the top 2 sources of stress for most generations.  The taboo nature of the topic doesn’t help.  Join this community to hear personal finance stories from everyday people on what works for them, what mistakes they’ve made, and what skills are still in progress.  Our mission is for our audience to be able to confidently spend without worry and think it starts by just being able to have an honest conversation.

Jen Sapel, CEO of Utor Wealth

About Jenifer Sapel, CEO Utor Wealth

Watch Jen’s video: Why I work with with physicians.

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