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Career Opportunities

This section serves to help you build your C.V. with the skills potential employers will want you to have.  You can gain valuable skills through AMWA’s member benefits program.  Choose from the Member Benefits profile below and let us know how we can help you build your resume today!  Email associatedirector@amwa-doc.org with any questions!


Leadership is one of the most valuable skills you can obtain as a woman in medicine.  National leadership experience is always a positive career development step.  You can gain national leadership experience by participating in an AMWA committee or working group or running for a National Leadership Position.  Simply visit our Leadership section Leadership Opportunities  or Committees/Working Groups to so that you can make yourself a competitive job applicant with extensive national leadership experience.


Awards are another way to make your job application stand out from the crowd.  Browse through the AMWA awards to see if you or an AMWA member you know qualifies for an AMWA award.  Nominate yourself or a colleague today!

Speakers Bureau

Speaking opportunities are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field or as an authority on a topic. Join AMWA’s speakers bureau to start gaining public speaking experience or to build your already established speaking career.

Global and International Experience

Do you need to add international or global health experience to your resume?  Check out all of our global health opportunities or apply for an overseas assistance grant.


Do you want to learn how to be an effective advocate for women’s health?  Gain experience by participating in AMWA’s Advocacy and Policy committee as they evaluate national legislation and hot topics in the news.

Public Health

Do you aspire to have a career in the public health arena?  Add experience to your job application by participating in AMWA’s Public Health Initiatives.

A full list of AMWA’s Member Benefit Profile is below:

General Career Development Resources on the Web