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Throughout the year, there are opportunities for AMWA members to advocate on various issues or legislative proposals.

2023 Past Issues

Help Advocate against Medicaid payment cuts.

Help Advocate against Medicaid payment cuts. The AMA is seeking de-identified score and corresponding payment adjustment information. User Guide. Submit to: ama.advocacy@ama-assn.org before 8 pm ET 10/9.

Urge CA Governor to sign SB345 into law

AMWA urges CA Governor Newsom to sign SB 345, a shield law which would increase access to reproductive healthcare and protect clinicians in California who would provide that care – Voter Voice campaign.

Affordable, Accessible Childcare — September 2023

AMWA understands that childcare is an issue important to many women in the workforce, including women physicians. We call on Congress to act to ensure that affordable, accessible childcare is available so that we can continue to work toward gender equity in the physician workforce. We appreciate the efforts of the National Women’s Law Center and encourage all to message their Congressional Representative »

Osteoporotic Fracture Care — February 2023

Dear Representative (or Senator) [Insert Name]:

My name is [Insert Name, Degrees], and I am writing to ask you to please contact CMS Administrator Brooks-LaSure and urge her to use CMS’ authority to update Medicare payment policies, so that people who suffer osteoporotic fractures get the cost-effective care they need to prevent additional fractures. This will save lives and reduce Medicare costs.

[Insert your perspective based on what you have seen in your practice]

Each year, more than 2 million people on Medicare suffer osteoporotic bone fractures, leading to costly hospitalizations and nursing home care. Total costs are expected to grow to over $90 billion by 2040. Experts agree that many of these costly fractures can be prevented.

Please urge CMS to address the need for better post-fracture care for people with osteoporosis in the next Physician Fee Service rule. Doing so will improve quality of care and can reduce health care disparities, opioid use, and nursing home admissions, all while reducing avoidable medical costs.

Thank you!

2022 Issues

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