About AMWA – Board of Directors & Staff

Khawaja Shams

Treasurer 2024 – 2026

Dr. Kwajaha Shams, Google ExecA leader in the high-tech industry for the last 25 years, Khawaja has moved industries forward by creating innovative products with his distinct management and leadership style. He holds multiple patents in mobile wireless technologies at Apple, where he founded the Applied Machine Learning team. Khawaja has created multiple organizations from scratch focused on applying Machine Learning and behavioral analytics in fraud detection, Apple hardware diagnostics, risk management, mobile payments, cyber security & threat intelligence, healthcare, digital health, privacy, search and recommendations. He has developed teams of hundreds of people, serving billions of users and creating multi-billion dollars per year in value. He has broad industry experience ranging from Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Banking, HealthCare, and Technology. He is currently a Senior Director of Engineering at Google where he leads multiple teams applying ML to benefit billions of users. Khawaja has brought his ML and engineering expertise and vision to be a key driver for the advancement of consumer health ML, security, and privacy. He is married with two children whom he encourages to pursue their own creative ventures, in addition to a network of mentees and partners he sponsors to fulfill their own potential.

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