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A Note on Advocacy


I’m sure everyone has read about the recent Trump Administration’s new edict to not allow the public health departments, in particular, the Centers for  Disease Control, from using certain phrases. These phrases, include: fetus, transgender, evidence-based, science-based,  entitlement, diversity, and vulnerable.

As physicians and the leading women’s association that has advocated diversity and inclusion, gender equity, and inclusion of our vulnerable populations in the healthcare dialogue, I feel it is imperative that AMWA spread the word on this new administration directive.

We must have a strong and vigorous response to the further curtailing of science.  The administration has stated that the CDC make its decisions “based on current community standards and wishes.”  That community must be the scientific community.

How long will it be before these new CDC guidelines are directed at the NIH, and other institutions and affect funding of clinical trials or studies?

Thanks for your consideration and I hope you share this with your colleagues and motivate the scientific community to respond.

This may need to be further discussed in Advocacy.

Shahnaz Fatteh, MD

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