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Safe Breathing Spaces – A Poem

Safe breathing spaces

By Dr. Manveen Saluja

In Covid world
We are afraid to breathe
We are hunkered down
Looking for hope

We will meet again
We shall rise again
With Easter
Holidays of hope
After every night
Dawn must break

Within this long night
We lost a lot
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers
Husbands, wives
Alas children too

I never fully understand Nature
Even with studying till midnight’s
I turn to prayers
To help us all breathe, With no fear

Let us Nurture
Our planet
As we nurture ourselves back

To those who lost
Let God bring them peace

For I with all my studying
Could not bring life

And In those agonizing hours
In those moments
Between Life and pause
I have to bow
As Doctors try to save that breath

And we all know this night will end
And our days won’t be the same again
Some ways we will be wiser
Some ways we will collectively ache for those whose lives cut short

We will meet again
This night will end
Let us fight for rights
Of those vulnerable
Let us equalize the breath
For colors of the heart are the same.

And then we pray for our loved ones and all and everyone
We can help lives live
And still cannot bring breath back
So we must prevent
What is so precious to loose
Sacred breath

With hope
With faith
Let us allow, all to breathe
Let us give gift of safe Breathing spaces to all
For All lives matter

AMWA Admin

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