Resident Division


Member Benefits

A community of professionals working to promote health encourage the professional and personal development of those in medicine, healthcare and health-related fields and provide a range of mentorship, educational and charitable programs that make a difference.

Why You Should Join

AMWA can make a real difference for you through our programs and services–AND AMWA membership saves you money too!

AMWA Resident Discounts

Discounts on AMWA-sponsored meetings, conferences, seminars, online continuing education.

AMWA Resident Quarterly

The Resident e-publication, AMWA Resident Quarterly (ARQ) is a venue for you to publish your thoughts, articles, research.

AMWA Connections

The AMWA Connections newsletter keeps you current on news, resources and opportunities.

The Annual Meeting

AMWA’s Annual Meeting includes CME presentations that address advances in health, as well as opportunities for presentation of research.


Networking opportunities and access to the unique knowledge and experiences of other female physicians through the Charlotte Edwards Maguire MD mentorship database program.

MWIA Membership

Automatic Medical Women’s International Association membership. The MWIA is an association of medical women representing women doctors from five continents, actively working against gender related inequalities in the medical profession.

Public Health Advocacy

AMWA advocates and supports diverse public health education initiatives, with special focus on under-addressed issues in women’s health and advocacy on behalf of women’s health and research.

Resident Awards

AMWA has a national awards program specifically suited for residents.