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  • September 12, 2013

Want to make a difference in your community?   Are you working with an independent clinic?  Have big ideas about improving quality or expanding care?

The American Women’s Hospitals Service provides funding in support of projects that provide care, advancement and empowerment of communities.  We are devoted to fostering sustainable and innovative programs that will inspire individuals and make a difference for communities in need.  This year, we are hoping to challenge AMWA members to get excited and engaged in learning about your local community, in spreading education about healthcare delivery issues around the globe, in promoting new ideas about how to provide care with limited resources, and advocating for service to needy populations.

When AWHS was established in 1917, our members went overseas, built hospitals and personally cared for women and children who were displaced due to war.  Over the years and with changing times, our goal has been to help fund clinics worldwide that provide care and support the advancement and empowerment of women and children in underserved areas.  Specifically, we have sought to foster sustainable and innovative projects in programs both abroad and at home that inspire individuals and work to make a difference in diverse communities.

Starting in 2014, we are going to award clinic project grants via an application process that is open now until mid-December.  We encourage our AMWA members, especially students and residents, to think about problems in your community and advocate for your local clinic or a partner clinic abroad that you work with by writing in application for a future clinic project.  Funds will be distributed on a yearly basis and consideration will be given to proposals focusing on:

·         Sustainability

·         Community involvement

·         Community impact

·         How the use of funds will aid local women’s healthcare, advancement or empowerment

·         Strength of proposed or existing educational partnership with AWHS

·         Interest/potential in mentorship

Our clinic grant application is available on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

AWHS Offers Student Travel Grants

The AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant program provides travel grants for medical students and residents working in clinics around the world.  Students have traveled to a number of countries ranging from Uganda, Peru to India, Nepal and South Africa.

The AWHS Overseas Assistance Grant provides assistance with transportation costs up to $1,500 connected with pursuing medical studies in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit. The grants are awarded to national AMWA student members completing their second, third or fourth year of an accredited U.S. medical or osteopathic medical school or to AMWA resident members.  Applicants must spend a minimum of four weeks and no longer than one year in a sponsored program which will serve the needs of the medically underserved.

Deadline         Decision By

January 5         February 20

April 5             May 20

July 5               August 20

October 5        November 20

More details are available here.

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AMWA Admin

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